Free Jaffas – Auckland NOW promotion on Anniversary Weekend

It is a beautiful three days of summer holiday for those parts of New Zealand celebrating Auckland Anniversary Weekend – a public holiday that harks back to the days when the country was divided into provinces.

Out and about as part of the Auckland Buskers Festival is Phenomenon Promotions using two Segway PTs to promote the new Auckland NOW website, which is part of

The promotion calls for Phenomena promo staff to ride the streets of downtown Auckland handing out boxes of free Jaffas (these small spheres of solid dairy milk chocolate covered in orange flavoured icing are a Kiwi favourite). Aucklanders will be enjoying the free chocolate. At the same time, maybe those living in the other provinces around the nation might be chuckling to themselves….as in the local vernacular “Jaffa” also has a meaning that refers somewhat amusingly to people who live in Auckland.

Segway New Zealand offers brand promotion using Segway PTs with promo staff as one of our core services. We launched one of the world’s first Segway Promo teams in 2003, and since then have been part of some striking product launches.

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