Superbowl Segway PTs, Auckland Lantern Festival, Tauranga AirShow

While Kiwis enjoyed a Waitangi Day Long Weekend, America was enjoying the annual Superbowl. Again this year the American Automobile Association deployed staff on Segway Personal Transporters (PTs). The AAA’s ‘Green Team’ were on hand to quickly get to and assist motorists with problems at the stadium grounds – flat tyres, lockouts, flat batteries and more. Elsewhere in the City of Indiana, local police were on Segway Patroller models delivering enhanced service and improved public safety. Visitors can take a Segway Tour along the historical canal that runs through the heart of the city.

Only the Segway PT can transport a person quickly and safely through busy crowds and tight spaces (such as the gap between parked cars). This is because the Segway PT was designed to be safe, effective and appropriate for use in busy pedestrian spaces. It is the Segway PTs unique set of features and design elements that set it apart from bicycles, scooters, motorbikes, quad bikes, golf carts and other options that don’t come close to the capabilities of the Segway PT in these types of environments. For example, the rider can stand still on the stable, self-balancing platform while interacting with the public. The ‘footprint’ of the zero-emission Segway PT is about the same size as a person, and it can turn on the spot. Large wheels enable the PT to navigate a wide variety of terrain with ease and comfort (an important criteria during long shifts).

Every year since 2004 in New Zealand dozens of events have been deploying management staff, medical staff and traffic management. For example, from Tuesday last week until the end of the Lantern Festival on Sunday night, Auckland City Council’s event manager used a Segway Patroller to get around Albert Park. This is the third year in a row Council staff have used a Segway PT at this event.

Just the week before, 10 Segway PTs were deployed at the two-day Tauranga AirShow with security, traffic management and event staff. Next month Segway PTs will again be a key tool at Balloons Over Waikato. All of these shows learned the value of Segway PTs years ago, and have used them every year since (find our previous stories in our Achieves, including the Airshow here, and Balloons here and here). Or search “emergency” to see our stories on Auckland’s St John and businesses like Ambulance EMT who deploy staff on Segway PTs at events such as Big Day Out, Auckland Home Show, the Waikato Home & Garden Show and many more.

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