Segway on Q – new video promotes Queenstown tours

Segway on Q is one of New Zealand’s longest-established Segway Tour businesses.

Kevin and Joanne Hey pioneered guided tours along the picturesque Queenstown lakefront in 2006. Today, their business has grown to become one of this busy tourist town’s most popular attractions. The public certainly like to call it the most enjoyable and memorable activity.  Trip Advisor has consistently rated Segway on Q in the Top 5 activities for years. A number of different tours and activities are offered, including guided tours along the lakefront and through the Botanic Gardens several times per day, excursions to golf courses to play a round of golf on Segway PTs fitted out to carry both you and a bag of clubs, and group and corporate entertainment and team-building events.

Segway on Q has a stunning new promotional video that encourages visitors to their website to book a tour. Check it out there, or view it on YouTube here. Incidentally, Kevin was also the first person in the world to ride a Segway PT up the world’s steepest street – watch him climb Baldwin Street in Dunedin.

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