InfoKey Programming Tool gets software upgrade, goes mobile [updated]

The Segway InfoKey Programming Tool is the device used by Segway Dealers to initially program blank Segway wireless InfoKeys. It can also be used to reprogram existing InfoKeys with new, permanent settings.

Segway InfoKey Programming Tool, with blank InfoKey inserted and ready to be programmed.

The InfoKey can be mounted on the InfoKey Dock located on the top of the Segway Personal Transporters (PT’s) LeanSteer Frame. Or it can be worn with a wrist strap like a watch, or on a lanyard.

Use the InfoKey to turn your Segway PT off and on, to activate the Lock function (which is an immobilising alarm). The screen displays battery level, time, date, speed, average speed, trip meter and odometer, and trouble shooting codes.

The InfoKey is also used to switch between Turtle (“Beginner”) and Agile (“Standard”) modes of operation, and to program maximum speeds for these two settings.

How to unlock ‘Turtle’ mode on an InfoKey

All InfoKeys are initially supplied locked into Turtle mode to ensure new owners learn how to ride at safe speeds and turning sensitivity, and that they read the Reference Manual for information on how to unlock Turtle mode. When locked, pressing the Turtle button will make the icon flash but it will not disappear.

If you’d like to unlock Turtle mode on your InfoKey, first ensure the Segway PT is turned off then press and hold the Turtle and Mode buttons simultaneously for 15 seconds (keep holding, 15 seconds is a long time when you’re waiting for something to happen!). You’ll see the 4-segment part of the InfoKey display flash to confirm the change. The Turtle button will now behave as expected, and toggle your Segway PT between Turtle and Agile modes when it is turned on. You can re-lock the InfoKey back into Turtle mode by turning off your Segway PT and once again simultaneously pressing and holding the Turtle and Mode buttons for 15 seconds.

Complete information about Segway InfoKeys can be found in the Beginners, Reference and Supplement Manuals available for download at the Support pages at Segway, Inc.

This week the InfoKey Programming Tool software is being updated to version 2.0.

We covered the many features and capabilities of the InfoKey Programming Tool device in our InfoKey Programming Tool article published two years ago (it is one of our most-read posts). That article includes information about what custom settings are available, and under what circumstances these may be useful.

InfoKey on a wristband

Recently we mounted our InfoKey Programming Tool into a travel case so we can take it out to customers and make new InfoKeys on site.

To operate, the Tool must be connected via USB to a laptop running Segway’s software, and also have a live connection to the Internet. The travel case holds the Tool, laptop, bar code scanner (to read the InfoKey Security Codes), as well as a supply of blank InfoKeys and fresh batteries. Internet connection in the field is via WiFi to a local base station (if available), or to a smartphone.

Here is a photo of our InfoKey Programmer and Laptop in their Travel Case, next to our Travel Case that holds our Segway Software Upgrade Laptop.

InfoKey Programmer Tool in Case next to Segway Software Upgrade kit in Case

In the InfoKey Programmer case you can see the Tool itself, the associated laptop, barcode reader, and blanks keys and batteries.

In the Upgrade case you can see the laptop connected to its CAN bus interface box and cable (this connects to a first generation Segway PT’s yellow and black cables in the Control Shaft Base/CSB), and Bar Code Scanner.

Whats in the box.

Aside: Today marked 20,000 unique page views at Segway New Zealand News.

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