Touring Christchurch by Segway PT (plus The Beatles and Fred Flintstone)

Urban Wheels has been offering Segway Tours of Christchurch for more than 5 years. The Press feature writer Margaret Agnew took a tour of the earthquake damaged CBD recently, accompanied by Urban Wheels proprietor Graeme Gordon – you can read a scanned version of the full article at the bottom of this entry.

Pop culture has embraced and reflected the iconic Segway Personal Transporter (PT) into art, music, comedy and parody. Segway NZ News regularly features excerpts or links to amusing and interesting examples, and you can find these in our archives (some searching suggestions: The Simpsons, Road Runner, Peter Gabriel, Weird Al Yankovic, jousting…). Here are two more, this time juxtaposing past and future – The Beatles crossing Abby Road, and Fred Flintstone:

The Beatles – crossing Abby Road on Segway PTs, and Fred Flintstone gets a Segway PT

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