ASB bank launches new smartphone app with Segway PTs in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch

ASB promotion in action along Auckland’s waterfront on a crisp, clear winter’s morning

“Make sure you keep an eye out for our ASB Mobile team over the next few days. Have a chat to one of the team and you could be lucky enough to walk away with some prize money courtesy of the awesome new ASB Mobile payment features!”  says ASB’s FaceBook page.

ASB have launched the new version of their smartphone app with a nationwide promotion that features Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) out on the streets of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

This initiative proved spectacularly successful from day one, with Twitter and FaceBook alive with responses from the public who received prizes simply by interacting with the Brand Ambassadors.

The easy way to send money to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Segway PTs are a proven way to promote your message, raise awareness, increase the number of Brand Ambassador-to-public interactions per hour, and to leave a lasting high-tech impression in peoples’ minds. SynergyBE have provided Brand Ambassadors while Segway New Zealand (Auckland), Body Electric (Wellington) and Urban Wheels (Christchurch) have provided the Segway PTs.

ASB promotion is underway in Segway-friendly Christchurch

Brand Ambassadors on Segway PTs instantly capture the attention of the public. Because the Segway PT is a safe, silent stable platform it is easy for the Brand Ambassador to engage and converse, then demonstrate a product or service – indoors or outdoors, from Northland to The Bluff.

ASB promotion in Auckland (Old Post Office Building/Britomart Transport Hub); in Wellington (The Beehive/Parliament Buildings in background); in Auckland (Queen Street at dusk)


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