World Cup of Segway Polo in Stockhom 2012 – the Woz Challenge Cup

Earlier this month 14 teams from 9 nations competed in the World Cup of Segway Polo, playing off against each other to win the Woz Challenge Cup.

Banner from Segway Stockholm’s Segway Polo 2012 Facebook page

The cup was first played for in Auckland, New Zealand in February 2006 between US team Silicon Valley Aftershocks and the local Pole Blacks. Segway Polo is the first new sport of the 21st century to be competed internationally, and is regulated by the International Segway Polo Association. The game has grown rapidly over the past 7 years, and already the World Cup of Segway Polo has been help in New Zealand, USA, Germany, Barbados, and Sweden. The location for the 2013 challenge has not yet been announced.

According to the sport’s Wikipedia entry, results for the 2012 challenge were:

The Balver Mammuts won over The Blade Pirates in the final with 2-0. The Stockholm Saints, Sweden beat the Austrian team Vineyard Devils with 4-0 for the bronze match. The goal zone rule was introduced in Woz Cup for the first time. The games were held during June 6–10 at Östermalms IP and Zinkensdamm in central Stockholm. Moving from one arena to the other after group play, the caravan of Segways was 102 Segways through central Stockholm. Finland and Lebanon were among the new national teams joining for the first time.

The sport is growing particularly quickly in Europe, with the first annual European Segway Polo Championship held in 2010. The next will be played in Germany in October, 2012.

Search “polo” in our archives to find previous entries about this sport and its famous international players, including Steve ‘Woz’ Wozniak (co-founder of Apple) and Victor Miller (writer of Friday 13th, winner of 3 Emmy Awards and 4 Writers Guild of America awards for television writing).

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