Airbag “invisible helmet” for cyclists…..and Segway PT riders?

There is an innovative new option for cyclists that may appeal to some Segway Personal Transporter (PT) owners.

The Hovding Invisible Bicycle Helmet is a self-inflating hood that creates a self-inflating, protective airbag”helmet” the instant it is needed. Until then, it is worn loosely around the neck, and is available in a variety of styles.

There in an instant but only when you need it.

Not only have independent tests shown that if offers three-fold better protection compared with a traditional polymer-filled hard bike helmet, it also prevents mucking up the rider’s hair-style….which is important, because this is one of the most-quoted reasons the public resist wearing helmets. The other is the limited and conflicting scientific evidence supporting the benefits of wearing a helmet for falls from a bike or horse while at rest or travelling less than about 15 kph.

We think this is a product that may be of great interest to Segway PT owners. You can read an interview with the inventors here.

UPDATE 17 August 2013: here is a tv news video about the Hovding from

Segway, Inc. says that the use of a skateboard or snowboard type helmet can offer protection from head injury in the event of a fall from a Segway PT. They also note that bike helmets do not offer protection to the lower scull or back-of-the-neck/upper spine, as they are designed for the types of incidents most likely to be encountered by bicycle riders).

One of Segway inventor Dean Kamen’s many patented inventions is an airbag for a personal transporter or iBot styled wheelchair that protects the rider in the event of a fall.

The collar is available in a variety of fashion and season styles (including faux fur for winter).

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