Steve “Woz” Wozniak to move to New Zealand?

Segway Polo champion and Apple co-founder Steve “Woz” Wozniak may be coming to live in New Zealand, according to NBC News (USA). Woz is a founding member of California’s Aftershocks – the world’s first Segway Polo team – and donated the cup that bears his name that is the coveted prize of the annual Segway Polo World Cup.

NBC say that “…he and his wife, Janet Hill, simply love New Zealand” and that Woz confirmed he has applied for a type of Australian residency visa. Persons holding an Australian permanent resident visa can live and work in New Zealand.

On the other hand, Silicon Valley’s Mercury News implies that NBC might be over-selling the Kiwi angle to this popular story that has bounced around the internet over the last few days. According to the paper’s reporter Mike Cassidy: “The thing is, Woz told me, he’s always liked Australia. The people are nice. It seems a place far away, he said, from the hustle and bustle and the tensions and worries of the United States. Once he obtains citizenship, he might choose to live in New Zealand, he says, because it’s pleasant and accepts Australian citizens. But really, he said, it’s a little early to be nailing down all the details.”

But here at Segway NZ we perked our ears up when we read this: “It’s like a whole new second chance for me to learn about another country’s history, to become rooters for their teams,” Woz said. “It’s sort of fun.”

Aside: If you click to the full story at Mercury News noted above be sure to read Cassidy’s column “Facebook kills the Post Office no matter its stock price” in which he observes how the 8 year old social media giant is impacting the 237 year old institution to an extent that it never foresaw. Thinking along the same lines but in our own sphere of influence, we think the Segway PT is going to impact how people get around more than most people have yet realised during it’s second decade in existence (2012-2022), and in an upcoming article we’ll explain why.

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