‘IT guy’ at Auckland medical campus more productive on a Segway PT

Carlos loves his job as the IT expert at an Auckland medical campus. And he likes it even more when he’s zipping about getting things done faster on a brand new Segway Personal Transporter.

For the last couple of years health services provider Te Puna Hauora Te Raki Paewhenua have utilised a Segway i180 to boost productivity of various staff on their large site in Northcote, in Auckland’s North Shore (New Zealand). The facility is surrounded by Auckland University of Technology’s Akoranga campus.

Yesterday, Te Puna Hauora upgraded to a brand new Segway i2 model, featuring wireless ‘InfoKey’ controller, built-in immobilising alarm and long-range Lithium batteries (up to 35km per charge). During rider orientation Carlos remarked how intuitive the i2’s LeanSteer is to use compared to the ‘twist-grip’ turning control on the first-generation i180 model.

Primary Healthcare Organisations like Te Puna Hauora rely on an IT network of computers, printers and monitoring equipment, so responding rapidly to service issues is crucial to the well-being of patients and the productivity of the business. Only the Segway PT can carry a person rapidly from place to place, indoors and out, moving safely and quietly through busy pedestrian spaces, along corridors, through doorways – because the “footprint” of a person on a Segway PT is about the same as that of a someone walking along.

Te Puna Hauora is the second medical campus in New Zealand to deploy the Segway PT as a productivity tool. Auckland Hospital introduced it’s first Segway PT in 2008 and boosted mail delivery by 300%. One mail run used to take 1 hour and was completed just 3 times per day. On the Segway PT it takes just 20 minutes, and by completing 6 rounds per day quality of service is vastly improved. For example, doctors now receive essential documents up to 40 minutes earlier each morning, then twice as often per day. Labour costs have been reduced because the last mail round is completed half an hour earlier at the end of the day.

Canterbury University deployed a pair of Segway PTs for campus mail delivery in 2006, and has been benefiting from a similar increase in productivity ever since.

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