Segway PT as TV camera dolly and television camera equipment transport

Geoffrey Andrew of Moving Media Limited has purchased a Segway Personal Transporter (PT) ‘x2’ model with balloon Turf tyres to transport himself, his television camera and tripod.

Geoff’s modified Segway x2 carries him, his television TV camera, tripod and gear

Moving Media produces commercials, documentaries and video presentations. Many jobs require Geoff or his staff to move themselves and heavy, expensive equipment significant distances during shoots that can run to long hours. A Segway Personal Transporter is the smart solution.

Starting with the Segway x2 Golf package, the tripod secures readily into the golf bag carrier cradle. Next, Geoff has built additional custom fittings to secure the camera and equipment bags.

Additionally, he has a customised SegVator electric power lift attached to the tow-bar of his Nissan Pathfinder that automatically raises/lowers and secures the Segway PT for effortless transportation as he drives from job to job around the country. Moving Media is based in Hamilton, New Zealand, but there isn’t anywhere they won’t go or can’t go. Now, more than ever!

In addition to transportation, Geoff sees the Segway PT as offering a less-expensive way to shoot certain scenes that would otherwise require the deployment of a dolly on rails. By offering a more cost-effective solution than competitors can offer, Moving Media has the opportunity to grow their business.

The versatile Segway x2 has many applications for both work and fun

Geoff is the second Kiwi to adopt the Segway PT for camera work on a regular basis in this country.

Hamish McIntyre purchased a Segway e167 model in 2004 that was developed into a hands-free camera dolly with help from the engineers at Wellington’s special effects business Weta Workshop. They constructed a custom seat/knee-grip fitting for this first-generation PT model. A number of other operators around the world have since implemented similar custom solutions, and there is at least one commercial business that sells modification kits.

Hamish’s Segway PT has been used on films such as Peter Jackson’s King Kong and Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King; on Kiwi film maker Andrew Adamson’s Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; with the fitting of XT/x2 ATV tyres it got down and dirty in the mud during the very wet and cold filming of Vincent Ward’s River Queen in remote, rural Wanganui; on smaller local productions such as Taika (“Boy”) Waititi’s Eagle vs Shark and Out of the Blue (about the Aramoana massacre). Right now it is hard at work on the set of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Segway PTs have also been used for camera work at a number of sporting events in New Zealand, including Golf and motor racing such as the A1GP.

Spidercam purchased a Segway x2 from Segway NZ during the Rugby World Cup 2011.

A third Kiwi business has recently purchased a Segway PT for Steadicam work, and we’ll have more details to share about this coming weeks.

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