Segway Games at Kordia ITEX expo 2012

Four hundred of New Zealand’s top IT people attended Kordia ITEX 2012 yesterday. Part of this year’s annual Information Technology Expo has been the nomination of ten IT Superheros from within businesses and organisations around the country.

Kordia is best known to consumers as the owner of popular ISP Orcon (founded by Segway PT owner and Segway Polo player Seeby Woodhouse). With a team of over 1,000 people, Kordia builds, manages and maintains telecommunications, broadcast and infrastructure in New Zealand, Australia, South-East Asia and the Pacific. Kordia’s shareholder is the NZ government, and the organisation has been around for over 60 years.

Kordia’s advertising agency Chemistry Group suggested Segway Games as a great way to engage and entertain delegates. Chemistry created a stunning space for the activity to operate in, backed with banners of all 10 nominees for IT Superhero. As the day proceeded  we updated a Top Gear-style Leaderboard to find the fastest players, who went on to win a range of prizes.

ITEX 2012 banner; the Segway Game Zone with banners of the 10 nominees for “NZ IT Superhero Awards 2012”; Segway game Leaderboard

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