Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Segway New Zealand

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Segway New Zealand wishes all of our customers – and everyone else who gets even just a little bit excited about all that a Segway PT can do – our compliments of the season, a very Merry Christmas, and a safe and adventure-filled holiday period.

You can reach us on 0800 2 SEGWAY (0800 2 734 929) most of the time during the Great Kiwi Christmas Summer Break (including on most statutory holidays).

Segway Patrollers secure The Base shopping center and Coca-Cola


Hamilton’s The Base shopping centre is one of the largest malls in New Zealand, and keeps getting bigger. For the past three years Waikato Security has held the contract to provide security services, and one their most important ‘tools of the trade’ has been a Segway i2 Patroller.

This unit has travelled more than 17,000 km in that time, or about the distance from Auckland to London. This Patroller is still running smooth and quiet on it’s original set of Segway Lithium battery packs. Patrols average about 20 km per day, with officers taking the Patroller out many times per day – especially as trouble is being caught on camera in a far corner of the site an monitored on-screen in the security office.

At Coca-Cola’s bottling plant in Carbine Road, Auckland, a Segway i2 Patroller is used by the security guards to patrol this large site. It is based at the Guardhouse located at the entrance through which all heavy traffic enters and leaves. FIRST Security provides security staffing at this site, and owns this Segway PT that has been averaging 25km per day over the last 3 years.

The staff at their on-site engineering workshop recently constructed this handy stand and charging station for docking the Patroller against when it is not in use.


NZ Herald’s Business Leader of the Year: Rod Drury (Segway Polo pioneer)

Rod Drury has been announced NZ Herald’s Business Leader of the Year. He is one of New Zealand’s best-known and most successful technology entrepreneurs (Xero, Aftermail, Glazier Systems, and board member of Trade-Me) and is also a founding member of the Pole Blacks – New Zealand’s first Segway PT Polo Team.

Rod played fiercely in the world’s first Woz Challenge Cup game in 2006  (Auckland) and again the following year in San Francisco. The competitive spirit he brings to the sports field is also evident in the way he has built successively more valuable technology businesses.


The NZ Herald article provides an excellent introduction to Rod and his drive for success.

Rod generously paid for the creation of the Pole Black logo (the game was known as Segway HT Polo back then), and paid for our team uniforms.


Fifty sites offering Segway Tours across France

Founded by Segway France, Mobilboard is one of the largest Segway Tour networks in the world. With some fifty sites across France, this business is an example of just how popular sight seeing on Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) is becoming.


Here in New Zealand there are some great places to take a Segway Tour this summer. Visit our Guided Tours and Short Rides page by clicking on the link to be found at the top of every page at

Segway New Zealand
Contact us for Corporate and Private Group Tours, for Segway Entertainment at Events, and for Team-Building Activities.
0800 2 SEGWAY
Contact: Philip Bendall using the contact information at

Glide for Hire
Short Rides and Guided Tours anywhere in Northland. Enjoy fun Short Rides at our site in the Town Basin. We also bring Segway PTs along to your Corporate Functions, Parties and Family Fun Days. We also have the Segway x2 Golf model for hire – delivered to any golf course in the region.
021 354 455
Contact: Pascal Barachet

Magic Broomstick Tours
Guided Tours around beautiful, historic Devonport, including 360 degree views of Auckland from the top of Mt Victoria extinct volcano, a visit to the abandoned gun emplacements and tunnels of North Head, and a cafe stop.
027 339 3155
Contact: Pauline Baker

Titirangi Golf Club (Golf Course)
Hire the Segway x2 Golf model Personal Transporter instead of walking or using a cart on your next round as you play this stunning course designed by Dr Alister MacKenzie. Members and visitors welcome. Please book at least 48 hours in advance (Segway Personal Transporters are delivered by Segway NZ, who also provide rider training prior to play).
09 826 5580

Formosa Golf Resort (Golf Course and Luxury Resort)
Hire the Segway x2 Golf model Personal Transporter instead of walking or using a cart on your next round as you play one of NZ’s top courses – Formosa is listed in “The Finest Gold Clubs of the World”. Members and visitors welcome. Please book at least 48 hours in advance (Segway Personal Transporters are delivered by Segway NZ, who also provide rider training prior to play).
09 536 4715 (Golf bookings)

Putt Putt Mini-GolfSegway PT Rides and Racing Cars
Guided Tours
Short Rides
07 348 6314
Contact: Katie Hikey

Segway at Taupo
Guided Tours around the lakefront at Lake Taupo
Short Rides in a large open activity space overlooking the lake.
0800 127 341
Contact: Mike South or Tim Eyre

Body Electric
0800 600 155
Contact: Tony Rabbit

Segway Xtreme
Greater Wellington, Wairarapa and Kapiti Coast: Segway Short Rides at corporate events, carnivals, gala days, private parties, etc. Guided Tours in Upper Hutt area.
0800 4SEGWAY
021 273 4929
After hours: 04 528 0170
Contact: Raewyn and Chris

Urban Wheels
Guided Tours around picturesque Christchurch and along the Avon Rider, taking in the Arts Centre, Hagley Park and historic buildings, and a cafe stop.
027 542 1887
Contact: Graeme Gordon

Terrace Downs (Golf Resort) 
Explore right to the edge of the stunning Rakaia river gorge at the far corners of beautiful Terrace Downs golf resort on a Segway Guided Tour. Afterwards, play a round on Terrace Downs’ 18-hole championship course using Segway x2 Golf models instead of a golf cart. Located about 1 hours drive from downtown Christchurch, in the heart of a High Country community with a grand view of Mt Hutt and the Southern Alps. Please book at least 48 hours in advance (Segway Personal Transporters are provided by Urban Wheels, who also provide rider training prior to play).
General Enquiries: 03 318 6943
Golf Pro Shop: 03 317 9370

Segway on Q
RATED #2 Attraction in Queenstown by
Guided Tours along the beautiful Lake Wakatipu, taking you past the CBD lakefront and on to the Botanic Gardens (where you can ride freely and even play Frisbee Golf on the PTs). Includes pick-up from and return right to your hotel.
Golf – Segway Golf models can be delivered to all of the local courses and rider training provided prior to play.
03 442 8687
027 344 2237
Contact: Kevin Hey

1,100+ US veterans have Segway PTs thanks to Segs4Vets

More than 1,100 US veterans have received donated Segway PTs from charity Segs4Vets. This organisation also offers grants of US$1,500 towards purchase.

The most recent recipient is Curtis Johnson, and he tells his story (with video) to CBS. He notes how he’s been in and out a wheelchair for the last 2 years:

“It hasn’t been easy. The way they look at me [in my wheelchair] at outings, it took a toll after a while,” Curtis Johnson said.

But that all changed when Curtis replaced the wheelchair with a Segway PT. Jerry Kerr, founder of Segs4Vets, explains:

“The whole perception of life changes when you’re on a Segway [PT].”


NZ Herald rates Christchurch’s Urban Wheels Segway Tours highly

Last September the NZ Herald’s travel writer toured quake-damaged central Christchurch on transport methods past, present and future.

Pamela Wade enjoyed Red Bus ‘Red-Zone’ Tour, then Christchurch Bike Tours, then glided through the rebuilding on Urban Wheels Christchurch Segway Tours. Here’s what she had to say about her Segway excursion in New Zealand’s largest newspaper:

Future: Christchurch Segway Tours

Though Graeme offers a historical tour covering similar ground to the Bike Tour – “and some people just want to have fun on the Segways” – it seems more appropriate on this futuristic vehicle to use it to follow the route of the Frame, what will be the green border around the planned new central city.

Rather than what he calls “Segway rubble-necking”, on our two-hour cruise around the CBD, we’re concentrating on what will be filling the spaces.

The self-balancing two-wheeler is easy to ride, copes well with the bumpy pavements and narrow gaps, and is excellent fun. It also attracts attention from those people slogging around the same route on foot: “That’s smart,” says one enviously.

I follow Graeme, who rides casually one-handed like a cowboy, as we hum through the Re:Start Mall, on and off the pavement, nipping around corners and stopping by the fencing, high enough to see over it.

Graeme uses the official recovery plan to show me where we are and what each space will be used for; and as we navigate what could be a depressing cityscape of rubble and dust, instead I get an exciting glimpse of the new Christchurch, fitted into the present street grid and the Avon’s curves.

We pass the new Press building, then glide over the site of the newspaper’s former home; opposite are the elegant, classical Government Buildings, not only still standing, but now seen in their full glory in the sunshine, no longer overshadowed. Beyond, Cathedral Square seems bigger, similarly released from its wall of skyscrapers.

From the platform of my Segway, the future of Christchurch looks full of promise.

Be sure to read the full article here.

James Bond’s Daniel Craig to be replaced by monkey glove puppet on a Segway?

The chatter on the Secret Service teletypes is that James Bond has a rival bidding for his license to kill. Move over Skyfall, here comes Jungle Fever.

DK Bond is here to save the world from the machinations of an evil genius. But instead of martinis and beautiful women, this Bond’s weakness is bananas and bananas. Because DK Bond is a monkey. A glove puppet monkey. On a Segway Personal Transporter (PT). And he’s made a movie.


In 2008 New Zealand movie maker Peter Jackson Haynes filmed and released Jungle Fever 2: Primal Fury – a James Bond spoof featuring a puppet and a cast of real, live actors.

Peter approached Segway New Zealand to provide Segway PTs for a series of scenes set in the grounds of the futuristic lair of DK Bond’s deadly enemy Dr Andupme. Fight scenes with machinegun-wielding guards chasing the hero on Segway PTs were shot at Massey University’s Albany campus.


In other scenes a Segway PT was used by the camera man as a fast, flexible “dolly” for tracking shots.


From the promotional blurb:

From the creative mind of Peter Haynes comes the long anticipated sequel to his award winning ’48 Hour’ film, ‘Jungle Fever’! Chock full of quirky characters, laughs galore, amazing special effects, fancy costumes, needlessly excessive violence, high speed chases, hot romance …and a sexy love scene!


Jungle Fever 2: Primal Fury first played on Juice TV as a series of 2 minute episodes, as an experiment in new media exploring emerging ways to bring short-form content to market.

All 12 episodes is now available to watch online here at BlipTV.


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