James Bond’s Daniel Craig to be replaced by monkey glove puppet on a Segway?

The chatter on the Secret Service teletypes is that James Bond has a rival bidding for his license to kill. Move over Skyfall, here comes Jungle Fever.

DK Bond is here to save the world from the machinations of an evil genius. But instead of martinis and beautiful women, this Bond’s weakness is bananas and bananas. Because DK Bond is a monkey. A glove puppet monkey. On a Segway Personal Transporter (PT). And he’s made a movie.


In 2008 New Zealand movie maker Peter Jackson Haynes filmed and released Jungle Fever 2: Primal Fury – a James Bond spoof featuring a puppet and a cast of real, live actors.

Peter approached Segway New Zealand to provide Segway PTs for a series of scenes set in the grounds of the futuristic lair of DK Bond’s deadly enemy Dr Andupme. Fight scenes with machinegun-wielding guards chasing the hero on Segway PTs were shot at Massey University’s Albany campus.


In other scenes a Segway PT was used by the camera man as a fast, flexible “dolly” for tracking shots.


From the promotional blurb:

From the creative mind of Peter Haynes comes the long anticipated sequel to his award winning ’48 Hour’ film, ‘Jungle Fever’! Chock full of quirky characters, laughs galore, amazing special effects, fancy costumes, needlessly excessive violence, high speed chases, hot romance …and a sexy love scene!


Jungle Fever 2: Primal Fury first played on Juice TV as a series of 2 minute episodes, as an experiment in new media exploring emerging ways to bring short-form content to market.

All 12 episodes is now available to watch online here at BlipTV.


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