NZ Herald rates Christchurch’s Urban Wheels Segway Tours highly

Last September the NZ Herald’s travel writer toured quake-damaged central Christchurch on transport methods past, present and future.

Pamela Wade enjoyed Red Bus ‘Red-Zone’ Tour, then Christchurch Bike Tours, then glided through the rebuilding on Urban Wheels Christchurch Segway Tours. Here’s what she had to say about her Segway excursion in New Zealand’s largest newspaper:

Future: Christchurch Segway Tours

Though Graeme offers a historical tour covering similar ground to the Bike Tour – “and some people just want to have fun on the Segways” – it seems more appropriate on this futuristic vehicle to use it to follow the route of the Frame, what will be the green border around the planned new central city.

Rather than what he calls “Segway rubble-necking”, on our two-hour cruise around the CBD, we’re concentrating on what will be filling the spaces.

The self-balancing two-wheeler is easy to ride, copes well with the bumpy pavements and narrow gaps, and is excellent fun. It also attracts attention from those people slogging around the same route on foot: “That’s smart,” says one enviously.

I follow Graeme, who rides casually one-handed like a cowboy, as we hum through the Re:Start Mall, on and off the pavement, nipping around corners and stopping by the fencing, high enough to see over it.

Graeme uses the official recovery plan to show me where we are and what each space will be used for; and as we navigate what could be a depressing cityscape of rubble and dust, instead I get an exciting glimpse of the new Christchurch, fitted into the present street grid and the Avon’s curves.

We pass the new Press building, then glide over the site of the newspaper’s former home; opposite are the elegant, classical Government Buildings, not only still standing, but now seen in their full glory in the sunshine, no longer overshadowed. Beyond, Cathedral Square seems bigger, similarly released from its wall of skyscrapers.

From the platform of my Segway, the future of Christchurch looks full of promise.

Be sure to read the full article here.

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