Segway Patrollers secure The Base shopping center and Coca-Cola


Hamilton’s The Base shopping centre is one of the largest malls in New Zealand, and keeps getting bigger. For the past three years Waikato Security has held the contract to provide security services, and one their most important ‘tools of the trade’ has been a Segway i2 Patroller.

This unit has travelled more than 17,000 km in that time, or about the distance from Auckland to London. This Patroller is still running smooth and quiet on it’s original set of Segway Lithium battery packs. Patrols average about 20 km per day, with officers taking the Patroller out many times per day – especially as trouble is being caught on camera in a far corner of the site an monitored on-screen in the security office.

At Coca-Cola’s bottling plant in Carbine Road, Auckland, a Segway i2 Patroller is used by the security guards to patrol this large site. It is based at the Guardhouse located at the entrance through which all heavy traffic enters and leaves. FIRST Security provides security staffing at this site, and owns this Segway PT that has been averaging 25km per day over the last 3 years.

The staff at their on-site engineering workshop recently constructed this handy stand and charging station for docking the Patroller against when it is not in use.


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