Kiwi golfer loves his ‘tinkered’ Segway x2 Golf

The only thing Bryan Moore loves more than golf is being able to enjoy playing again thanks to his Segway x2 Golf Personal Transporter (PT).

Back in 2007 he became unable to walk 18 holes, so he looked around for the best solution to his situation. He’d seen Segway New Zealand’s extensive advertising in NZ Golf Magazine and our on-course attendance at the New Zealand Open and Masters Series since 2005. He quickly settled on the x2 Golf as the outstanding, best choice. Thanks to the x2 Golf, Bryan has been continuing to enjoy golf for the past 6 years in ways he never thought would be possible for him.

Not only is it easy to bring the x2 Golf from course to course, but small size and silent operation means he still feels ‘one of the group’ when playing with friends who still walk the course. Unlike a golf cart (that requires its own trailer which needs to be registered, warranted and maintained), the Segway x2 Golf stows easily in the rear of Bryan’s van. Indeed, the Segway x2 Golf fits equally well in the back of any SUV/4WD, wagon or hatchback, or on a special Segway carrier fitted to a sedan’s tow bar (think of it as a ‘bike rack for a Segway PT’).

Bryan Moore is off to play golf, with his clubs and Segway x2 Golf stowed in his van
Bryan Moore is off to play golf, with his clubs and Segway x2 Golf stowed in his van.

Like a lot of Kiwi men, Bryan loves to tinker in his shed and enjoys the challenge of making things. For example, instead of purchasing Segway’s own lightweight, folding aluminium ramps (that come complete with a zippered carry bag that has a foam insert to stop them rattling in the back of your car while driving) he had fun making his own set. You can see these in the photo above.

Bryan has made a couple of modifications to his x2 Golf as well. Firstly, he’s made the back section of the golf bag carrier cradle removable, so that the rear door of the van can be closed without having to remove the entire cradle from the x2 Golf.

Golf bag cradle with customised removable end.
Golf bag cradle with customised removable end.

Secondly, he made his own small metal box for holding balls and tees, that attaches to the carrier frame above the left hand side fender. The Segway x2 Golf came with a scorecard, pencil and golf ball holder mounted on the handlebar, and a front bag large enough to carry a water bottle, jumper and raincoat is available too.

The built-in scorecard, pencil and golf ball holder of the Segway x2 Golf model.
The built-in scorecard, pencil and golf ball holder of the Segway x2 Golf model.

Many manual, push-along golf trundlers offer a little flip-down seat. So lastly, Bryan has added a custom seat to the front of his x2 Golf. It folds down out of the way when not in use, and can be flipped up to offer a comfortable place to rest whenever the x2 Golf is parked.

Bryan Moore with his Segway x2 Golf stowed in his van.
Bryan has added a flip-up seat to the front of his Segway x2 Golf.

Drag Queens win ‘drag race’ on Segway PTs in Pride Parade

Seven rainbow-coloured Drag Queens on Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) were amongst the brightly shining stars of Auckland’s Pride Parade last weekend.

Drag Queens drag race on Segway PTs (Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand)
Drag Queens drag race on Segway PTs (Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand)

Floats, performers and tens of thousands of on-lookers filled the length of Ponsonby Road on Saturday afternoon, in a scene that could have been New Orleans, San Francisco, Sydney or Rio de Janeiro. Amongst them, the ‘Segway Queens’ performed a show-stopping dance routine to Madonna’s song ‘Express Yourself’ as they rolled down the road. It was tweeted worldwide (“Drag queens on segways looking fabulous”) and broadcast nationally on TVNZ One News, TV3 News and on video at the NZ Herald and Stuff websites.

Forty groups participated on the day, and performer ‘Tess Tickle’ has advised that her group on Segway PTs “…won Best Drag Entry! We beat all the big budget floats.” According to Tess, this is the first time a troupe of drag queens has performed on Segway PTs anywhere in the world.


Express magazine reports:

Tess who choreographed the fabulous drag queen Segway number says, ”Wow, a very big thank you to everyone who helped put our entry together, you know who you are and I hope i didnt torture you too much. Its the icing on the cake to get this acknowledgment but in the long run its about the spirit and support we all got going down ponsonby road representing who we are as one community.

The troupe approached Magic Broomstick Devonport Segway Tours to borrow half a dozen Segway PTs for the big day, and Segway NZ provided an additional two PTs to complete the fleet.


Savanna Cider Segway “Lemons” squeezed again

For the second year running, Phenomenon promotions agency engaged Segway New Zealand to help promote Savanna Cider at this year’s Progressive/Countdown Supermarkets annual golf day.

Lemon-suited cider-spiders - Segway PTs deliver Savanna Cider at Titirangi Golf Course
Lemon-suited cider-spiders – Segway PTs deliver Savanna Cider at Titirangi Golf Course

Staff dressed as giant lemons and riding Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) added a slice of fun to the day, delivering thirst-quenching Savanna Cider to players from New Zealand’s largest supermarket chain.


The Segway PTs were branded with discs on their wheels, and fitted with front and side cargo cases to carry this ice-cold, dry cider that is imported from South Africa. A twist of fresh lemon is added to compliment the taste.

Because the Titirangi Golf Course is large, and the event ran 9am to 5pm we provided each Segway PT with a second pair of Lithium batteries. Together, delivered more than enough energy to work the fairways for the entire day.


The stunning Titirangi course was designed by Alister MacKenzie and is one of the most desirable destinations to play in New Zealand. It is also a course where you can hire Segway x2 Golfs to transport yourself and your clubs between the 18 holes (and then on to the 19th). In 2008, the green keepers were amazed when we trialed the x2 Golf here during the wettest months of the wettest winter Auckland had experienced in years. With its balloon turf tyres, the lightweight x2 Golf could glide over the fairways without causing damage to the fairways and has been granted permission to be used on wet days when carts are banned.


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