Savanna Cider Segway “Lemons” squeezed again

For the second year running, Phenomenon promotions agency engaged Segway New Zealand to help promote Savanna Cider at this year’s Progressive/Countdown Supermarkets annual golf day.

Lemon-suited cider-spiders - Segway PTs deliver Savanna Cider at Titirangi Golf Course

Lemon-suited cider-spiders – Segway PTs deliver Savanna Cider at Titirangi Golf Course

Staff dressed as giant lemons and riding Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) added a slice of fun to the day, delivering thirst-quenching Savanna Cider to players from New Zealand’s largest supermarket chain.


The Segway PTs were branded with discs on their wheels, and fitted with front and side cargo cases to carry this ice-cold, dry cider that is imported from South Africa. A twist of fresh lemon is added to compliment the taste.

Because the Titirangi Golf Course is large, and the event ran 9am to 5pm we provided each Segway PT with a second pair of Lithium batteries. Together, delivered more than enough energy to work the fairways for the entire day.


The stunning Titirangi course was designed by Alister MacKenzie and is one of the most desirable destinations to play in New Zealand. It is also a course where you can hire Segway x2 Golfs to transport yourself and your clubs between the 18 holes (and then on to the 19th). In 2008, the green keepers were amazed when we trialed the x2 Golf here during the wettest months of the wettest winter Auckland had experienced in years. With its balloon turf tyres, the lightweight x2 Golf could glide over the fairways without causing damage to the fairways and has been granted permission to be used on wet days when carts are banned.


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