Segway announces development of a three-wheeled transportation device for public safety

Segway Quality, Value Priced Product will be Available in Q4 2013

Segway Inc. has announced the development of a new three-wheel personal transportation product targeted at the public safety market to compliment its existing Segway Patroller range.

This market sector includes organisations such as private security (e.g. guards out on patrol), Police, traffic management at events, ambulance officers, and other emergency response and inspection roles. Companies like FIRST Security and ADT Armourguard currently use Segway Patrollers at shopping malls and Universities throughout New Zealand, and at larges sites such as Coca-Cola and DB Brewers in Auckland.

“Our customers are demanding a feature-rich, quality-made three-wheel device that is value priced. We are going to meet their needs and deliver that product by the end of this calendar year,” said Roger Brown, President and Chief Executive Officer, Segway Inc.

Brown added, “Segway is a green personal transportation company. Our mission is to move people from point a to point b in a safe and highly-efficient manner. One element of our strategic and aggressive business plan is to grow our product portfolio by thoughtfully conceiving, designing and launching new and affordable products that meet customers’ needs and complement our current product offerings.”

Zero emissions will be a feature of this new, electric three-wheel transportation solution that will offer customers a statically stable option alongside the well-established, two-wheeled, dynamically stable (self-balancing) Segway Patroller range. This is not a replacement for the Patroller range, but rather a natural extension of it that is designed to extend into additional roles where a larger vehicle brings certain benefits. For example, it could be left parked on an intersection with safety lights flashing.

According to the Boston Business Journal, Brown says the new design will address weaknesses in current competitive products.

“We’re going to embed a lot of technology into this product. Lighting features, security features including cameras, and other things….Our customers will appreciate its design, reliability, visibility, versatility and most importantly, its competitive price.”


This product will be available in Q4 2013, and Segway New Zealand will begin accepting orders in Q3 2013. More information will be available right here on this site soon.

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