ADT Armourguard roll out first Segway Patroller at The Base shopping mall (Hamilton)

Today ADT Armourguard begin patrolling The Base shopping mall on a Segway Patroller.

Hamilton’s largest mall will be patrolled by an i2 Patroller model with Optic White reflective shields.

ADT Armourguard's new Segway i2 Patroller with Optic-White reflective shields
ADT Armourguard’s new Segway i2 Patroller with Optic White reflective shields

This will be the first white-shielded Patroller to be used a mall in New Zealand, and this colour scheme works well with Armourguard’s corporate brand. Elsewhere, Optic Yellow has been the more common colour choice amongst security deployments in this country, although white is used at Cornwall Park and by Auckland Transport at events such as Rugby World Cup.

For last couple of years The Base has been patrolled by Waikato Security on an i2 Patroller with Yellow shields.

Staff rider training and product orientation was performed by Segway New Zealand at ADT Armourguard’s Hamilton headquarters last week. Also, a number of staff employed by Waikato Security who have been working at the mall have moved to ADT Armourguard, so a smooth operational transition is expected.

The Segway Patroller has been incredibly successful at The Base, where the previous unit clocked up more than 16,000km over three years. As the mall continues to expand in size it is likely a second unit will be deployed.


According to Segway, Inc. more than 1,500 police, security and public safety organisations worldwide use Segway Personal Transporters on a daily basis. Download and read more than a dozen Case Studies here.


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