All-weather Segway Patroller at The Base shopping mall in Hamilton

Last month we covered ADT Armourguard’s roll out of their first Segway i2 Patroller at The Base shopping mall. Here is a photo of one of the security guards on the Patroller, dressed for any weather that Hamilton can throw at her.


The great thing about the Segway Personal Transporter (PT) is that it is designed for all-weather use. The i2 model is very capable over a wide variety of terrain – from carpet to sand.


Both the i2 and the x2 model can tackle all the toughest urban environments.


The x2 offers enhanced cross-terrain capabilities.



Bill manages Buckley Systems’ multiple factory sites on a Segway x2

Bill Buckley on his Segway x2
Bill Buckley on his Segway x2

Bill Buckley – Ernst & Young’s Master Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 – has built Buckley Systems Limited (BSL) into a very successful exporting business.

The company has sprawled across multiple buildings in and around Bowden Street in the heart of Auckland city’s Mt Wellington industrial area, and employs around 240 people. A couple of weeks ago the senior staff “had a whip around” and surprised Bill with a band new Segway x2 Personal Transporter (PT) for his birthday. Bill had no longer been finding it so easy to get around, and would often jump on a vacant forklift to commute between buildings. Not only would this take an expensive piece of equipment away from where it was needed, but….well….a forklift is hardly a delicate machine – and it certainly wont fit down an office corridor!

Today, if Bill is in his office you’ll see his Segway x2 parked outside, ready and waiting to transport him quickly, quietly and comfortably around his business – indoors, through workshops, across yards, across roads and up and down curbs. And on the weekends, he intends to take it along to his beloved Auckland Speedway (here is a great interview with Bill by Michelle Hewitson of the NZ Herald, in which she notes how he rolled up on that occasion out at Western Springs Stadium on a golf cart.

Now that other staff have observed just how convenient the Segway PT is proving for Bill, there is talk of the benefits of having at least one more Segway x2 standing by at all times in the office.

BSL is a world-leading supplier of precision electromagnets, charged particle beam line systems, and high-vacuum equipment used in the semiconductor ion implant industry, in medical therapy systems, border security systems, the solar industry and for particle accelerators for physics research. BSL equipment plays key roles in the manufacture of flat screen TVs, computer chips and whiteware.

There’s nothing like a bit of spit and polish, old boy

Spruce up your Segway Personal Transporter (PT) with a new LeanSteer Frame.

Whether you’ve been out and about having fun on your Segway PT, or putting it to work for a while now, then the LeanSteer Frame might be looking a bit scuffed.

Swap on a gorgeous Metallic Sage LSF, or a tough, anodised Black LSF and your Segway PT will almost be looking as good as new again.

Metallic Sage LeanSteer Frame and Console Cover Trim
Metallic Sage LeanSteer Frame and Console Cover Trim

While you’re at it, how about adding a set of striking aluminium mats?

Finish the job by replacing the Flyguy Emblem and the Front and Rear PowerBase Trims and your Segway PT will again be looking as good as new.

Here’s the link to our Segway Accessories page.


Balloons Over Waikato use Segway PTs for public safety

Balloons Over Waikato is a five day extravaganza of floating colour and light in the skies over Hamilton. Since 2010 Segway New Zealand has sponsored Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) for event management.

This year two Segway Patroller models are being used by Health & Safety staff and by Traffic Management staff. The event begins with a Dawn Patrol launch, continues through a School Hop with balloons visiting schools in the region, and finishes with the Night Glow grande finale – a huge family-orientated public gathering where dozens of balloons rise and descend, choreographed to a soundtrack of popular music and fireworks.

Read our 2010 and 2011 entries.

The Segway Patroller is sleek, adaptive and highly functional. It is actively used by a global public safety customer base primarily because of its practical and demonstrable characteristics. The Segway Patroller improves: Maneuverability, Visibility, Approachability, Mobility, Responsiveness and Versatility.



Steadicam operators in New Zealand adopt Segway Personal Transporters

Steadicam operators have rapidly adopted Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) to offer improved tracking shots and other capabilities. When fitted with custom hands-free operation modifications, the Segway PT offers a very capable platform for achieving smooth camera work at high linear speeds. This combination also offers a lower-cost option for shots that would otherwise require tracked dolly set ups.

Here in New Zealand, two Steadicam operators working in the television sector purchased Segway x2 models fitted with Turf tyres last year, and two more have purchased similar machines this year. There is also one first-generation Segway i180 model that was modified with pedal-operated steering in Germany that is now based in Auckland (Adrenochrome).

Back in 2004 Hamish McIntyre was a pioneer in this field when he purchased a Segway e167. Friends at Peter Jackson’s Weta Workshop constructed a seat-steer adaption for both film and television work. This machine has worked on Lord of the Rings, King Kong, Chronicles of Narnia, Eagle vs Shark, Out of the Blue, River Queen and more.

Since January 2013, Broadcast Arts Video Unit Steadicam operator Rhys Duncan has often been seen in television sports coverage of major rugby games and cricket matches gliding up and down the sideline on a hands-free Segway x2 Turf.

Moving Media works in the corporate video sector, and use their Segway x2 Turf not only for Steadicam but also to move equipment around large sites.


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