Bill manages Buckley Systems’ multiple factory sites on a Segway x2

Bill Buckley on his Segway x2
Bill Buckley on his Segway x2

Bill Buckley – Ernst & Young’s Master Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 – has built Buckley Systems Limited (BSL) into a very successful exporting business.

The company has sprawled across multiple buildings in and around Bowden Street in the heart of Auckland city’s Mt Wellington industrial area, and employs around 240 people. A couple of weeks ago the senior staff “had a whip around” and surprised Bill with a band new Segway x2 Personal Transporter (PT) for his birthday. Bill had no longer been finding it so easy to get around, and would often jump on a vacant forklift to commute between buildings. Not only would this take an expensive piece of equipment away from where it was needed, but….well….a forklift is hardly a delicate machine – and it certainly wont fit down an office corridor!

Today, if Bill is in his office you’ll see his Segway x2 parked outside, ready and waiting to transport him quickly, quietly and comfortably around his business – indoors, through workshops, across yards, across roads and up and down curbs. And on the weekends, he intends to take it along to his beloved Auckland Speedway (here is a great interview with Bill by Michelle Hewitson of the NZ Herald, in which she notes how he rolled up on that occasion out at Western Springs Stadium on a golf cart.

Now that other staff have observed just how convenient the Segway PT is proving for Bill, there is talk of the benefits of having at least one more Segway x2 standing by at all times in the office.

BSL is a world-leading supplier of precision electromagnets, charged particle beam line systems, and high-vacuum equipment used in the semiconductor ion implant industry, in medical therapy systems, border security systems, the solar industry and for particle accelerators for physics research. BSL equipment plays key roles in the manufacture of flat screen TVs, computer chips and whiteware.

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