New Three-Wheel Product for Public Safety – Expected Performance


From the Segway Blog today:


Segway Inc.’s talented engineers developed the groundbreaking technology that created the new market segment of electric personal transportation for the public safety market. For over ten years, Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) have proven to be a valuable patrol tool for policesecurityEMS and military personnel. The Segway Patroller’s maneuverability and versatility is unmatched. It allows users to travel seamlessly on just about any terrain, better interact with people and keep communities safe. Along with its unique and patented self-balancing technology, the Segway PT has earned its reputation for quality and reliability. In addition, it is completely backed by a financially sound company that boasts a responsive service and retail network of more than 250 international locations.


In early March, Segway announced the development of a new three-wheel product for the public safety market. It’s a natural extension of our product line and will be available in Q4 2013. The new product is an ideal match for missions that require a larger vehicle, which can display a more obvious security presence without a rider aboard, or that require a rider to frequently mount and dismount the vehicle during a patrol.

Segway’s three-wheel product will offer several advantages over existing models by providing superior features, reliability and customer service. It will also include standard rugged public safety lighting and cargo solutions as well as the option to add advanced recording and fleet tracking technology. Essentially, our new product will offer everything you need to configure for specific patrol responsibilities.


Queenstown (snow and ice), National Field Days (mud?) and SpeedShow (tarmac)

Easily the coldest day so far this year struck the length and breadth of New Zealand today. Check out some great photos taken today of Segway PTs in the snow in Queenstown over at Segway On Q’s Facebook page. Fitted with IRC Snow Tyres, the Segway i2 has little difficulty navigating through snow.


And if you want to see how a Segway i2 fitted with these tyres performs on ice, check out Segway on Q’s Facebook page and watch a video of proprietor Kevin Hey riding on an ice rink. Says Kevin:

“Ice Rink Riding! I wanted to put the snow tyres to the ultimate test so thought what better place to do it than the QT Ice Arena. They performed very well though I discovered their limitations. Best not to stop and turn too quick.”

Early next month you’ll see Segway PTs (in the mud) at the National Agriculture Field Days 12-15 June – the Southern Hemisphere’s largest agricultural show of its type. Here is a photo from 2004 – our first year exhibiting at Field Days – with Genesis Energy.


Then check us out for the 5th year running at SpeedShow in Auckland on 22-23 June 2013….everyone loves what we do at SpeedShow.

Segway Fun Rides at V8 SuperTourers (again today at Pukekohe Park Raceway)



Rain brought an early finish to Segway Fun Rides yesterday at the BNT V8 SuperTourers, sponsored by Brother International.

Today is the big, loud final race day – so come along to Pukekohe Park Raceway and enjoy Segway Fun Rides on a grassed area right in front of the race track.

Thanks to Brother International you get to ride cross-terrain Segway x2 and XT models for free, as the V8s rush past just meters away.

Fun in the mud - a Segway x2 model and a Segway XT model ready to ride
Fun in the mud – a Segway x2 model and a Segway XT model ready to ride

Time-lapse Wellington filmed using Segway PT

Wellington Segway Personal Transporter (PT) owner Stephen Patience vibrantly captures the capital city in a four-minute time-lapse video. The article (with video) appears today in Stuff, which reports:

More than 17,000 images were recorded over a six-month period to showcase the best Wellington has to offer.

The result is 30 scenes captured using slider rails, a wind-up kitchen timer, a camera attached to a Segway and walking lapse shots.





A number of Kiwi camera operators use the smooth, stable, safe Segway Personal Transporter as a platform for motion video, Steadicam, and equipment transport. Start with our recent article about Steadicam operators filming New Zealand rugby and cricket matches using modified hands-free Segway PTs, and see also Spidercam’s use during the Rugby World Cup last year.

Geoffrey Andrew operating a camera rig mounted on his Segway x2 Turf
Geoffrey Andrew operating a camera rig mounted on his Segway x2 Turf



NZ Hi-Tech Awards 2013: three finalists (yep, two own Segway PTs)

The three finalists for New Zealand Hi-Tech Company of the Year 2013 are Buckley Systems, Serko and Xero. The founders of two of these companies are owners of Segway Personal Transporters (PTs).

Bill Buckley uses his Segway x2 to get around his company’s large campus that sprawls across half a dozen buildings on both sides of the  street.

New Zealand’s most famous technology entrepreneur, Xero’s Rod Drury not only purchased the first Midnight Blue Segway i170 in the Southern Hemisphere from Segway New Zealand in 2004 and then the first Segway i2 in 2007, he was a founding member of the Pole Blacks – New Zealand’s history-making Segway PT Polo team. Rod was also named by the New Zealand Herald as Business Person of the Year at the end of 2012.

Pole Blacks Rod Drury and Philip Bendall (Captain) in Auckland, February 2007 at the world's first International Segway PT Polo match playing for the Woz Cup (donated by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak).
Pole Blacks Rod Drury and Philip Bendall (Captain) in Auckland, February 2007 at the world’s first International Segway PT Polo match – playing USA’s Aftershocks for the Woz Cup (donated by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak).

Let’s Get Inventin’ (with some steampunk Segway PT riders)

Last week was a pretty exciting time for one young Kiwi inventor, the crew of TV’s Let’s Get Inventin’, and Segway New Zealand’s Philip Bendall.

Steampunk Segway Riders: filming television show Let's Get Inventin' in Auckland last week
Steampunk Segway Riders: filming television show Let’s Get Inventin’ in Auckland last week

While we can’t tell you anything about what you’ll see in the episode we were part of making, we can tell you it goes to air in October 2013 – and then in 72 more countries around the world.

Now in it’s seventh season, Let’s Get Inventin’ is well-loved by kids of all ages. The show has won a string of awards including three-time-winner of Best Childrens TV Show (in 2006, 2007 and 2012).

The BBC has even licensed the format, and makes it’s own version of the show.



It works like this: young people from around the country are invited to write in with their idea for an invention. Next, the show picks the best ideas, then actually builds them in a workshop. Lastly, then invite the inventor to join in to help put the device to the test to see just how well it really works!

Who knows – maybe one of these bright Kiwi Kids will grow up to be the next Dean Kamen?

So be sure to tune in during October 2013 to see what idea a clever young lad from Hamilton has had that makes good use of a Segway Personal Transporter.

PS: No, we still can’t tell you anything about what we got up to. But filming the episode sure was lots of fun!

Segway, Inc. announces new President


Segway Names Veteran Executive Rod Keller As President

Keller to Drive Revitalization of the World’s Leading Provider of Electric Personal Transportation

Today, Segway Inc., the world’s leading provider of electric personal transportation, announces it has named Rod Keller as its President.

“Since being acquired in late February by Summit Strategic Investments, LLC, Segway has made several strategic changes that will result in its continued success. I’m happy to be joining the team at such an exciting time,” said Keller. “I look forward to contributing to Segway’s evolution which will be marked with our delivery of a new three-wheel product for the public safety market in Q4 2013.”

Click here to visit The Segway Blog and review the news release in its entirety.

Beachfront patrols in Bali

Bali is a popular tropical island holiday destination for Kiwis. Visitors have been taking Segway Tours to explore the sights for some time, and now Bali Police have deployed a fleet of five Segway x2 Patrollers.


The Segway x2 Patroller is the latest addition to a range of transport solutions in daily use by police on the beachfront – from walking to quad bikes to SUVs to mounted horses (yes, right there in the photo below). Each have their strengths and their roles.


Only the Segway Personal Transporter enables officers to interact face-to-face with the public on a quiet, zero-emission platform with a small footprint and zero-turning radius.


The large, low-pressure tyres on the Segway x2 leaves only the lightest impression behind – even on sand.

The eco-friendly Segway x2 has large, low-pressure tyres and leaves hardly a trace on even the softest surfaces.
The eco-friendly Segway x2 has large, low-pressure tyres and leaves hardly a trace on even the softest surfaces.

In New Zealand, surf lifesaving patrols at some of our most popular beaches are completed on quad bikes by volunteer services supported by corporate sponsorship. We’ve been suggesting the use of Segway Personal Transporters at beaches since the first cross-terrain model – the Segway XT – was released in 2005, and at some point the Segway PT is likely to be taken up for this role here.

Testing the Segway XT in the sand dunes at the beach, Port Waikato, 2005
Testing the capabilities of the Segway XT in the sand dunes on the beach at Port Waikato, 2005.

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