Queenstown (snow and ice), National Field Days (mud?) and SpeedShow (tarmac)

Easily the coldest day so far this year struck the length and breadth of New Zealand today. Check out some great photos taken today of Segway PTs in the snow in Queenstown over at Segway On Q’s Facebook page. Fitted with IRC Snow Tyres, the Segway i2 has little difficulty navigating through snow.


And if you want to see how a Segway i2 fitted with these tyres performs on ice, check out Segway on Q’s Facebook page and watch a video of proprietor Kevin Hey riding on an ice rink. Says Kevin:

“Ice Rink Riding! I wanted to put the snow tyres to the ultimate test so thought what better place to do it than the QT Ice Arena. They performed very well though I discovered their limitations. Best not to stop and turn too quick.”

Early next month you’ll see Segway PTs (in the mud) at the National Agriculture Field Days 12-15 June – the Southern Hemisphere’s largest agricultural show of its type. Here is a photo from 2004 – our first year exhibiting at Field Days – with Genesis Energy.


Then check us out for the 5th year running at SpeedShow in Auckland on 22-23 June 2013….everyone loves what we do at SpeedShow.

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