TT Zero 2013: Motoczysz wins electric motorbike race 4th year in a row

Segway, Inc. contributed key technology as well as primary sponsorship to Motocyzsz’s recent entries in the Isle of Man TT Zero, helping to win first place at both the 2011 and 2012 events. Search “tt zero” in our archives for our coverage of these successes.

This year, Motoczysz went on to take first place in the TT Zero 2013.

This is the fourth year in a row that Motoczysz has beaten off all-comers in the zero-emission category of the world’s most famous motorcycle race, since winning the inaugural competition in 2010.

Technology-keen Segway Personal Transporter (PT) owners tend to be interested in developments in batteries and battery power management systems, as these are critical components of the performance of their own favourite two-wheeler . A look at the year-on-year improvements in average speed in this one-lap race around the island’s 37.7 mile Snaefell Mountain Course show how rapidly improvements are being made:

2010: 96.8 mph / 155.8 kph

2011: 98.6 mph / 158.7 kph

2012: 104.0 mph / 167.5 kph

2013: 109.7 mph / 176.4 5ph

If improvements continue at this rate, the electric bikes will be beating the fastest petrol-powered super-bikes within five years.

The top speed achieved in 2013 by winning rider Mike Rutter’s was 142 mph (229 kph), and second-place rider John John McGuiness (riding for Mugen Shinden) hit 131 miles/hr (210.8 kph) who finished only 1.7 seconds behind the winner.

This article at has more details about how the race was run and won on the E1pc bike, and hints at how participants must balance speed and component temperature against the finite energy stored in the batteries, as well as riding to achieve the best results from regenerative braking as they travel around the challenging course – all concepts familiar to owners of Segway Personal Transporters – and especially those who play Segway Polo.

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