Beach Patrols on the Segway x2 (Lake Ontario) – how the Segway Patroller is transforming Community Policing Programs

Here is the latest deployment of the Segway x2 for beach patrol (be sure to read our earlier story about beach patrols), as detailed in this story at the Segway Blog:


Cobourg, Ontario is a picturesque Canadian town that sits on Lake Ontario’s north shore. It is home
to nearly 20,000 residents and is well-known for its beautiful waterfront, pristine beaches and bustling downtown district.

Cobourg’s Police Service includes 34 uniformed officers who had been patrolling the town’s waterfront area with bicycles and an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). That is until they discovered the Segway® Personal Transporter (PT).

Terry Stanley, Constable, Cobourg Police Service is responsible for all aspects of the department’s community services. He commented, “I first became aware of the Segway x2 PT through the local dealer, Segway of Ontario. I was impressed with its versatility and immediately began considering how it could be implemented by our community policing officers to more efficiently patrol Cobourg’s beach, waterfront and downtown areas.

Today, the police service uses its two Segway x2s daily. Officers enjoy patrolling on the PT because
it is:

  • Versatile – The Segway x2 is optimized for cross-terrain. It travels seamlessly on the sand of Cobourg’s large beaches and through the diverse terrain of its waterfront area including up hills and ramps and over sidewalk curbs and boardwalks. It can also easily travel from outdoors to indoors and patrol the town’s many retail shops.
  • Mobile – The x2 allows officers to smoothly move through Cobourg’s dense pedestrian traffic and quickly attend to any emergency situation that may arise in a bustling tourist destination. The x2 can travel up to 20 kph/12.5 mph and allows an officer to move up to 3x faster and cover 9x more area than walking – all without fatigue.
  • Maintenance Free – The Segway x2 is quality built and Cobourg’s Police Service appreciates the fact that it’s virtually maintenance free. Its x2s are always up and running.
  • An Invaluable Public Relations Tool – The Segway x2’s unique and patented self balancing technology is the ultimate icebreaker. It draws a crowd of amazed and curious citizens. In addition, the height of the x2’s base allows Cobourg’s officers to see over large crowds and be seen. The PT assists officers to engage with citizens and build good will in the community.

“The police service is very pleased to have implemented the Segway x2 to patrol our beautiful lakeside town,” said Stanley. “The x2 is a quiet, environmentally friendly personal transportation solution that has had a positive impact on our community policing program. We’re a very satisfied customer.”

The Segway Personal Transporter has transformed policing, public safety and private security around the world. Boston Police were first off the mark, debuting on the original, white-wheeled, pre-production Segway Human Transporters in 2002, and the Segway i180 Police spec model was launched in 2005. Since then, the introduction of Segway Patroller models in 2009 has delivered even greater performance for officers on the beat and on the street, in the malls and on the beach.


Segway, Inc.’s latest video really highlights just how versatile this powerful tool is when it comes to connecting with the community and delivering safer environments and a more responsive police force.


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