Removing and changing the InfoKey battery (a trick to remove the bezel)

Calling 0800 2 SEGWAY will connect you with Philip Bendall at Segway New Zealand. Guess what the two most common calls for assistance are?

1. “How do I unlock Turtle mode on the InfoKey” and

2. “How do I remove the back cover from the InfoKey so I can change the battery? I can’t see the coin-slot on the back cover, as described in the Manual. Where has it gone? Please help!”

We’ve answered the first question here and here (these pages have become some of our most-read News postings).

Today we answer the second question.

If you can’t see the coin slot then your InfoKey has the bezel accessory screwed onto the back that enables it to be slid onto the LeanSteer Frame InfoKey Dock (and thread the optional InfoKey Wrist Strap accessory). To remove this bezel, and reveal the back cover with the coin slot that holds in the battery, first slide the InfoKey into the LeanSteer Frame InfoKey Dock (until it “clicks” into place”.


Grasp the InfoKey as shown in the first photo, twist anti-clockwise about a quarter-turn, and simply lift the InfoKey off, leaving the bezel behind. The bezel will remain in the Dock. Then flip the InfoKey over and remove the back cover using a coin or large screwdriver. Simple, huh?


There is one important thing to watch out for when you remove the back, or come to put it back on. There is a thin black rubber O-ring seal that sits in a depression around the circumference of the back face of the InfoKey. When the back cover is screwed down onto this, it makes a water-tight seal. Sometimes, this O-ring can partially lift out, or even completely fall out, when you remove the back cover. If this happens, carefully press it back down into place before you screw the back cover on again.

Without the O-ring, not only can water get in, but the back cover will not screw down tightly. This can result in a poor connection between the battery and the InfoKey, causing unreliable operation when you push the InfoKey buttons, and also the regular loss of time and date settings. A poor connection can encourage a user to press the buttons harder than is necessary, eventually resulting in failure of the button mechanism. Failed buttons cannot be repaired, and the entire InfoKey must be replaced.

If your O-ring becomes lost, please contact Segway New Zealand immediately and we’ll send you a replacement.

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  1. Hi. How can the back of the info key be removed without attaching it to the segway? The mount on our segway is broken so we can’t attach the key to it. Thanks.

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