Segway, Inc. to sponsor 2013 ‘Woz’ Challenge Cup

Segway Inc. announced yesterday that it will sponsor the closing ceremonies at the 2013 ‘Woz’ Challenge Cup, an international Segway polo tournament, which is hosted annually at different locales throughout the world.

This year’s event will be held at Gallaudet University’s Hotchkiss Field in Washington, DC from July 20 – 24, 2013 and has drawn 20 skilled international teams to compete.Tournament play will take place over 3 consecutive days. The final day of play will feature a Championship round as well as a key note speech by Rod Keller, President of Segway Inc., at the closing ceremonies reception and dinner.


Read more at the Segway Blog, including all about the history and rules of the game.

SpeedShow 2013 this weekend (20-21 July)

SpeedShow is on again this weekend at Auckland Showgrounds (Greenlane). This fantastic annual event has featured Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) at every show since 2009 (search ‘speedshow’ in our archives for coverage from previous years).


Segway PTs are being used by event management staff during set-up and on show days. And you won’t be able to miss the arena area’s Master of Ceremonies crusin’ the tarmac on the big-wheeled, cross-terrain Segway x2 model throughout the event.

SpeedShow is the premier automotive show for everyone who wants to see the latest, greatest, flashest and fastest vehicles from their favourite carmakers, and an absolute must-see for fans of TV shows like ‘Top Gear.’ Plus there is lots to see for lovers of motor sport and hot rods, for enthusiasts ready to buy accessories and merchandise. Out in the arena there is going to be lots of action, thrills, spills, smoke and stunts on the blacktop.

Also, we’ve contributed something very unusual to be part of the outdoor arena show….


Queensland agrees on Segway Rider Rules for 1 August roll-out [updated]

The government of Queensland, Australia is about to change state law to permit the use of Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) on public roads. According to Transport minister Scott Emerson, here are the safety restrictions that will apply (as reported in the Australian media):

“Segways in Queensland will have a speed limit of 12km/h, similar to other areas in Australia and overseas,” he said.

“They must also have lights and reflectors – similar to those used on bicycles – when riding at night or in poor weather.

“Like bicycles, they must have a bell or similar warning device in working order and use of mobile phones will also be banned while using a Segway.”

Mr Emerson said users would be required to ride on footpaths or in bike lanes, and only cross roads at pedestrian crossings.

“I’m satisfied we have struck a balance between safety and giving people more choice about how they get around,” he said.

Interestingly, Australia has set tougher restrictions than apply in most European countries, or in almost every American state – where use on urban roads is also permitted at speeds of up to 20km/h. In Queensland, riders must be at least 12 years old and wear an approved bicycle helmet (with a fine of $110 for not doing so, the same as for bicycle riders). What is not clear from media reports is if skateboard and snowboarding helmets are also permitted, as Segway. Inc. recommends these styles of helmet as offering better protection for PT users than those designed for bicycle riders (because of their shape, cycle helmets do not offer good protection to the lower skull/upper neck region).

Queensland is the first state in Australia to legislate full public use of Segway PTs on public roads (this term also encompasses areas such as footpaths). Western Australia and ACT currently permit Segway PT use by licensed Segway Tour operators in certain public locations, while other states still restrict use to private property. Queensland expects this new law to open up new tourism opportunities for the local economy, as well increase personal commuting options.

“I know that the [Queensland] Tourist Industry Council has strongly welcomed this move,” said Emerson.

According to the Herald Sun newspaper, Managing Director of Segway Queensland Brett Walton said the vehicles were transforming the way modern society functioned across the world.

”They provide a safe option or travel, but they’re also increasing productivity in the same way laptops and mobile phones have,” said Mr Walton.

”Time is money, and if you’re moving faster, you’re going to be able to do more.”

He said their uses were not limited to tourist ventures with Segways increasingly used by airport security overseas, as well as policing and warehousing operations.

“They are the future,” he said

Segway PTs are also used for beach patrols in many locations, from Dayton Beach (USA) to Spain to Bali (a holiday destination popular with Australian and New Zealand tourists), and Mr Walton suggests they are likely to be adopted in Australia for this purpose.

”Unlike other beach vehicles, there’s no risk of running over people because you can see right down to your feet.”

Queensland Police have already indicated the intend to begin using the Segway Patroller model. Police Minister Jack Dempsey says they will be used for public safety and security roles at next year’s G20 conference.


10 International Segway Polo Teams Contesting the 2013 Woz Challenge Cup

Barbados will be among 10 international Segway Polo teams contesting the Woz Challenge Cup, the World Cup of Segway Polo in Washington DC from July 20-24, 2013. As the world champions in 2009 and 2010, they will be looking to regain the title this year [see PRWeb release].

The four-day Woz Challenge Cup is being played at the Hotchkiss field at Gallaudet University in Washington D.C.

“We are taking a six-member team. Barbados has some good players and we are seeking to get to the finals, if not win the Cup. We will also be promoting Barbados on the tour,” said Brett Callaghan, who is also one of the founding members of the Segway Polo Club of Barbados.

Segway Polo, a modified version of the sport normally played on horses, is played by teams of five players on battery-powered Segways, using mallets to put the ball through opposing goals. The sport was formally established around 2004, with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak playing a key role.

A year later the first non-US team was founded in New Zealand. The world’s first international match was hosted in Auckland during February 2006, where the Pole Blacks (NZ) played to a draw against the Aftershocks (California, USA). Since then, hosting countries for this annual event have included USA, Germany, Barbados, and in 2012 Stockholm, Sweden where 14 teams from 9 countries competed.


This article features an excellent 5 minute video about Segway Polo, including interviews with Apple co-founder Steve ‘Woz’ Wozniack and Victor Millar (famed writer of Friday the Thirteenth and multi-Emmy award winner for General Hospital).

Find out more about playing Segway Polo in New Zealand here, including how to book a game of Corporate Segway Polo for your group, or how to join in our regular games on your own Segway PT.


“Over hills, over plains, in the mud and in the rain…”


Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) are being used by more and more farmers, orchardists, viticulturist and lifestyle block owners around New Zealand.

The rugged Segway x2 model is built for cross-terrain travel over through demanding environments. As part of the mix of methods used to get around, the Segway x2 offers a quick, simple option when you just don’t need to use the quad bike, motorbike or tractor. Here are some of the reasons the Segway x2 is so convenient:

  • instant start (no choke, no warming up, no kick-starting) and no smoke or emissions
  • fast, easy mounting and dismounting (you don’t having to throw your leg over a centre console or fuel tank, and there is no clambering in or out of a seat)
  • on-the-stop zero-degree turning (no three-point turns, no need to back out of tight spots)
  • superior line-of-sight while riding (because you’re in a standing position)
  • no risk of injury from roll-over (unlike a quad bike)
  • ability to open and close gates, and perform many tasks without dismounting
  • carry up to 50kg of cargo using Handlebar Bag, Universal Cargo Plates or Side Cases (maximum depends on weight of rider, terrain and bulk of items)

Segway x2’s are  deployed in rural roles ranging from dairy farms across the North Island, on Kiwifruit orchards in the Bay of Plenty, amongst forestry in the Central North Island, and one one of New Zealand’s High Country Sheep Farms in the Southern Alps.

Readers of a certain age will spot the relevance of this article’s title, and remember the classic New Zealand television advert that rang out with “Over hills, over plains, in the mud and in the rain, your Kubota keeps rolling along.”




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