“Over hills, over plains, in the mud and in the rain…”


Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) are being used by more and more farmers, orchardists, viticulturist and lifestyle block owners around New Zealand.

The rugged Segway x2 model is built for cross-terrain travel over through demanding environments. As part of the mix of methods used to get around, the Segway x2 offers a quick, simple option when you just don’t need to use the quad bike, motorbike or tractor. Here are some of the reasons the Segway x2 is so convenient:

  • instant start (no choke, no warming up, no kick-starting) and no smoke or emissions
  • fast, easy mounting and dismounting (you don’t having to throw your leg over a centre console or fuel tank, and there is no clambering in or out of a seat)
  • on-the-stop zero-degree turning (no three-point turns, no need to back out of tight spots)
  • superior line-of-sight while riding (because you’re in a standing position)
  • no risk of injury from roll-over (unlike a quad bike)
  • ability to open and close gates, and perform many tasks without dismounting
  • carry up to 50kg of cargo using Handlebar Bag, Universal Cargo Plates or Side Cases (maximum depends on weight of rider, terrain and bulk of items)

Segway x2’s are  deployed in rural roles ranging from dairy farms across the North Island, on Kiwifruit orchards in the Bay of Plenty, amongst forestry in the Central North Island, and one one of New Zealand’s High Country Sheep Farms in the Southern Alps.

Readers of a certain age will spot the relevance of this article’s title, and remember the classic New Zealand television advert that rang out with “Over hills, over plains, in the mud and in the rain, your Kubota keeps rolling along.”




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