Sneak peek at Segway 3-wheeled product for public safety, security and Police

Segway, Inc. has revealed the first glimpse of a new 3-wheeled vehicle designed for the public safety sector, including Police, security and first-responder users. First announced earlier this year, this new device is on schedule for delivery to customers in the first quarter of 2014.


It is being designed to complement the very successful 2-wheeled, self-balancing Segway Patroller models of the Segway Personal Transporter (PT) .



Last chance to own a Metallic Sage Segway i2

The Metallic Sage colour scheme for the Segway i2 is being discontinued soon, so if you’d like to purchase one of the last units in this popular, collectable colour then now is the time to buy.

MSage 2

This is also a great time to purchase a fresh new Console Cover Trim to match whatever colour LeanSteer Frame that you have. And if your handlebar grips are worn or slipping, then replace them too. Once current stock of the Segway Lock kit is exhausted it will no longer be available for purchase, either separately or as part of the Commuter Package.


Segway, Inc. has produced Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) in a range of colours for limited periods over the years. The original i167, e167 and p133 models were referred to as being Titanium coloured. The i170 followed in Midnight Blue, and then the i180 was available in a choice of three colours: Sport Red, Solar Yellow, and Midnight Blue. The XT model was introduced in Titanium (with brown fender trims), and later in Midnight Blue (with silver fender trims).

Gen 1 Family

The i2 model was launched in enamel White and in anodised Black. A few years on White was discontinued and Metallic Sage was introduced.


The rarest colour scheme of all was the very short run of official Ferrari-branded Segway i2’s – complete with red and white racing stripe and Ferrari badge. Only 50 of these were manufactured, and shipped to the Ferrari factory in Italy where they were painted and branded.

Only two of these came to the Southern Hemisphere – both of them to New Zealand. One is owned by a Ferrari enthusiast in Auckland, and the other is a prized possession in Segway New Zealand’s own collection. You can see it on display in our showroom, and maybe once a year we show it off at a show such as SpeedShow or Big Boys Toys.

On very rare occasions we rent it out…so why not ask us about this if you’re hosting an event where you want to show off only the rarest of luxury items.

ferrari segway2

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