Get Segway Patroller Shields customised for your Public Safety needs

The Segway Patroller range has been very carefully designed to meet the needs of security guards, police officers and other first responders like EMS/Ambulance to improve public safety across a wide variety of environments. From shopping malls to worksites, beaches to rock concerts, the Segway i2 Patroller and x2 Patrollers carry key staff to where they are needed faster and when they arrive they have energy to spare. Two officers on a Segway Patroller can cover the same area as nine on foot.

In May 2010 we announced:

Segway NZ rolls out another world-first with our custom front panels for Segway Patroller models. The Patroller range is designed for use in public safety roles, and comes standard with either SECURITY or POLICE labels.


Now you can hire or buy a Segway Patroller fitted with temporary or permanent signage suited for specific roles or individuals at events. We have TRAFFIC, FIRST AID, MANAGER and ASK ME ready now, and custom labels can be made up at short notice.

Since then we’ve provided clients like Auckland Transport, Heart of the City and Cornwall Park amongst others with custom signs for their Segway Patroller shields to enhance public safety at a wide variety of everyday and one-off events around New Zealand.



Avril Lavigne’s Rock N Roll video features Billy Zane on a magical rocket-powered Segway PT

Avril Lavigne‘s  madcap new music video for Rock N Roll features a lot of things you don’t see every day.

  • Like Avril kissing Dancia McKellar, dressed up like cult comic character Tank Girl
  • Like ravenous Bear-Shark hybrid creatures threatening the very existence of rock’n’roll.
  • Like Billy Zane taking off on a magical rocket-powered Segway PT.
Avril Lavigne in Rock N Roll with Billy Zane lifting off on a rocket Segway PT
Avril Lavigne in Rock N Roll with Billy Zane lifting off on a rocket-powered Segway PT

It’s a colourful, flashy, and slick comedy clip done in a high-concept, comic book style. However, for the more perceptive souls willing to invest time to dig under this day-glo surface, a powerful, deeper subtext can clearly be inferred.

Indeed, it questions one of the key existential mysteries of the human condition, cleverly telegraphing this right from the opening gambit where Avril recites lyrics from her power pop hit Sk8er Boi that helped make her a star a decade earlier, and it is this:`

Perhaps old skateboarders never die…they just start scooting around town on Segway PTs.

Or maybe we’re just reading too much into it all?

Well, whatever.

In any case, this moment of inward reflection reminded us that Billy Zane was beaten to the clouds by this gorilla on a rocket-powered Segway PT in 2012:

Gorilla on a Segway PT rocket
Gorilla taking off on a Segway PT rocket

And half a dozen years before that – only this time with thrust directed horizontally rather than vertically – the 2005 Rugby World Cup was opened in high-concept style at Auckland’s Eden Park by six “…jet-powered Segway PTs racing around the rugby field” emblazoned with Silver Ferns and with red Lion’s heads.

Jet-powered Segway PTs at 2005 Rugby World Cup (Eden Park, Auckland, New Zealand)
Jet-powered Segway PTs at 2005 Rugby World Cup (Eden Park, Auckland, New Zealand)

Of course, this all occurred way back in a more innocent age, in the halcyon days long before the time we now know as The Coming of the Bear-Sharks.

‘Aston Martin’ Segway PT for ‘Bond’

“James Bond” was the theme at a recent conference for New Zealand’s largest retailer The Warehouse. When the organiser enquired about hiring a Segway Personal Transporter (PT) for the CEO to ride into the event as Mr Bond, we said “How would you like it to be an “Aston Martin Segway PT?”

Because everyone knows James Bond’s favourite ride is an Aston Martin.

With thoughts of the classic DB-5 from ‘Goldfinger’ and ‘Skyfall’ in mind, we custom-crafted a Segway PT with the help of a can of silver spray paint and a laser printer. Alas, we didn’t have the budget to add the ejection seat function.

'Aston Marton' Segway PT
‘Aston Martin’ Segway PT

So for your next event, tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen. We already have an official Ferrari Segway PT in our stable of exotic vehicles which is available for hire. One of only two in the Southern Hemisphere out of just 40 in the world, this Segway i2 was painted and branded by Ferrari at their Maranello factory, Italy in 2007.

Segway New Zealand's official Ferrari i2
Segway New Zealand’s official Ferrari i2

Property Manager at Forrest Hill Primary School more productive on a PT

George Brown is the Property Manager at Forrest Hill Primary School* in Auckland, New Zealand – and he uses a Segway Personal Transporter (PT) every day.

Forrest Hill Primary School property manager with his Segway i2
Forrest Hill Primary School property manager with his Segway i2

He cheerfully describes himself as “Chief Caretaker and Maintenance Man” and has been using a Segway i2 model for some time now to move quickly and efficiently around the school grounds.

As the name suggests, Forrest Hill Primary School is built on sloping terrain, and the many buildings are found spread across three tiers of land – each progressively higher than the other. To complete jobs that require carrying gear such as tools and implements, as well as replacement parts and new equipment, lugging these oads from the lowest level – where the workshop is located – to buildings at the top of the hill takes a lot of human effort and time.

Multiply this out across many trips per day and it is easy to see how a Segway Personal Transporter (PT) makes George more productive and his life easier. The bottom line is this means lower running costs for the school – leaving more money in the budget for educating children.

Values2George loves his Segway PT, and recently fitted it with a pair of Universal Cargo Plates. He started with one on the right hand side (as seen in the photo), but soon added another one to the other side because the first was so useful. These plates offer a platform on which loads can be carried. For example, tie-down points make it easy to carry items that can be held in place with bungie cords, and multiple mounting points make attaching tool boxes and other rigid items quick and easy.


* yes, in this instance the spelling of “Forrest” with two letter r’s is correct – it is named after Lieutenant Hugh Forrest, rather than being a place with a lot of trees.

Cover more ground. Be more productive. Move more intelligently.


“When I imported the first Segway ‘Human Transporters’ (today known as Personal Transporters) into New Zealand in 2003 they arrived in brown cardboard cartons emblazoned with the company’s original catchphrase – three sentences that very much embodied inventor Dean Kamen’s ultimate vision for his creation” – Philip Bendall.

Cover more ground. Be more productive. Move more intelligently.

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