Get Segway Patroller Shields customised for your Public Safety needs

The Segway Patroller range has been very carefully designed to meet the needs of security guards, police officers and other first responders like EMS/Ambulance to improve public safety across a wide variety of environments. From shopping malls to worksites, beaches to rock concerts, the Segway i2 Patroller and x2 Patrollers carry key staff to where they are needed faster and when they arrive they have energy to spare. Two officers on a Segway Patroller can cover the same area as nine on foot.

In May 2010 we announced:

Segway NZ rolls out another world-first with our custom front panels for Segway Patroller models. The Patroller range is designed for use in public safety roles, and comes standard with either SECURITY or POLICE labels.


Now you can hire or buy a Segway Patroller fitted with temporary or permanent signage suited for specific roles or individuals at events. We have TRAFFIC, FIRST AID, MANAGER and ASK ME ready now, and custom labels can be made up at short notice.

Since then we’ve provided clients like Auckland Transport, Heart of the City and Cornwall Park amongst others with custom signs for their Segway Patroller shields to enhance public safety at a wide variety of everyday and one-off events around New Zealand.



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