Top-rated Segway Guided Tour company ‘Segway On Q’ launches new website

Segway On Q, New Zealand’s largest Segway Tour business is located in beautiful Queenstown. They’ve just launched their brand new website.

Segway On Q has consistently rated as one of TripAdvisor’s top activities since 2006, and often one of the highest rated activities in the entire South Island – making their Segway Guided Tours a ‘must do’ for every visitor to New Zealand’s most popular tourist destination.


Over at Yahoo NZ today, Segway On Q features as one of “Five unexpected adventures in Queenstown” with the author saying:

“This only looks sedate. Whining along the waterfront…[on]…this marvellous self-balancing machine, you’re allowed to crank it up to a heady 15km/hr. That’s pretty fast, when you’re only held up by magic. Through town, up the hill, around the gardens, back along the lake edge pretending not to pose for all the tourists, and then a blat out of town — it’s the most tremendous fun. But it’s really hard on your smile muscles.”

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