Millions of TV viewers worldwide to see Kiwi-style “Segway Fun”

Lights! Camera! Action!

Earlier this year we participated in the making of a fantastic new episode for season 7 of Lets Get Inventin’ – and it goes to air in New Zealand on Saturday 9th November, TV2 at 4.30pm. After that it will screen in more than 70 other countries.

Young inventor Scott Faville had a great idea that made good use of the efficient, zero-emission Segway PT –  and you can find out more about the show at

Steampunk Segway Riders: filming television show Let's Get Inventin' in Auckland last week
Steampunk Segway Riders: filming television show Let’s Get Inventin’ in Auckland earlier this year.

Yesterday, a UK travel program filmed an episode in Auckland for a series that is going out to hundreds of millions of viewers in 136 countries. Participants rode Segway PTs around the Auckland waterfront completing challenges for episode one. Next, the five couples will be departing on a journey that will take them the length of the country to compete iconic tasks against the backdrop of our stunning natural beauty.

Magic Broomstick Tours (located on Devonport Wharf, Auckland) contributed seven Segway PTs and proprietor Pauline Baker will be seen playing a role in judging. Segway NZ contributed four more Segway PTs for use by the camera crew and others. After screening first in UK, this series will go to air in New Zealand (and other countries) on Travel Channels sometime next year.




Heads up on some Segway & Rugby Action: watch Jono and Ben at Ten on TV3 on Friday 1 November, 2013.

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