Taranaki trucking firm JD Hickman uses Segway PT to get around a very big yard


JD Hickman is a road transport business with serving New Zealand’s largest export sector – dairy industry. Head Office is located in Hawera, right in the heart of the highly productive South Taranaki farming and oil & gas producing region. Owner John Hickman says:

“We have a comprehensive transport mechanism to Fonterra sites with extensive truck movements from Palmerston North and Hawera to the Waikato and Auckland region. A diverse range of equipment and expertise is available to other sectors of New Zealand industry and we are acknowledged specialists in the heavy haul market – with particular focus on supporting our relationships with large oil exploration entities. We have 100 employees throughout major depots in Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Hawera, Wanganui and New Plymouth.”

John has been using a Segway i167 model Personal Transporter (PT) to get around their large Hawera site for the last decade. It is one of the very first Segway PTs imported into New Zealand in 2003.

This Segway PT’s original grey-coloured Nickel Metal Hydride batteries manufactured in 2002 finally “gave up the ghost” this year, so John replaced them with a pair of powerful new Lithium  packs. This battery chemistry originally became available on Segway PTs from 2005. With these packs fitted, range is more than doubled to more than 35 kilometres per charge, yet a full recharge costs only 25 cents.

As the owner of a large business and significant employer, John’s time is very valuable. The self-balancing Segway PT enables him to get around the shunting yard “to keep an eye on things” quickly and silently. On the Segway PT, he stands six inches higher and has an excellent line of sight. The Segway PT safely transverses the vast outdoor and indoor storage spaces – even on days with legendary Taranaki wind and rain. The Segway PT is completely sealed from the elements and operates over the full temperature range experienced from winter to summer.

He recently fitted it with a Front Cargo Bag to carry documents, water bottle and other “handy bits and pieces.”

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