29th Grey Lynn Park Festival to be powered by Segway PTs again

The 29th annual Grey Lynn Park Festival (30 November) will be powered by Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) for the fourth year in a row, and visitors can enjoy Fun Rides on Segway PTs throughout the day.


Event organiser Hans Heumann has been hiring a couple of Segway i2 models from Segway New Zealand for the last four years.

“Without a Segway PT, I wouldn’t be able to do this” he says. “It’s a huge park and this event takes over most of it, with tens of thousands of people attending. There are hundreds of stallholders, and one of my biggest jobs in the days prior to ‘Show Day’ is marking out the stall locations on the grass using spray paint. On a Segway PT I can zip around the park, measure out, bend down and spray dots and lines in the correct spots as I go.”

“On the day prior, I can get around all the stall holders while they are setting up to complete paperwork and documentation. This year, I am mounting a laptop onto the handlebar of the Segway PT so it’s right there to do data entry at each stop. On the Show Day itself, the Segway PT is incredibly useful indeed.”

In addition to the two Segway i2 models being used for Event Management, there will be three Segway x2’s for Fun Rides that the public can enjoy.


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