Upgrading and changing your Segway PT (and a historical peek back at our 2005 brochure)

Summertime is a great time to upgrade your Segway Personal Transporter (PT).


If you have a previous model, then you’ll really enjoy the benefits of the Segway i2 and x2 models. LeanSteer offers a more intuitive ride, and also more comfortable travel over uneven surfaces – both urban and off-road. The wireless InfoKey provides information such as speed, odometer and trip meter, as well as being used to activate the immobilising Lock function.

For some Segway PT owners, their needs change over time. Perhaps you have an i2 but an x2 would suit you better now? Or visa-versa? Either way, we can trade-in your current model and make it easy to have the exact Segway solution you want now.

Maybe you’ve taken up golf and want to use your Segway PT to transport both you and your golf bag on the fairway? We’ve got Golf upgrade kits for whatever model you own. We’ve also got Security upgrade kits, plus a range of Cargo solutions for both consumer and commercial users. Remember to check your tyre tread – new tyres will give you all the traction you need for safe travels over summer. And if your Segway PT is looking a bit tired with scuffed, damaged or broken trim pieces, then new trims will sharpen up your look.


Here’s an example of someone who has just changed her Segway PT model to suit her changing needs.

This customer has a spinal injury so she has limited ability to walk. She purchased an i180 in 2005, and for many years used both this and her manual wheelchair to move around her workplace (which was the Spinal Unit at Auckland Hospital). During the day, she’d choose whichever was most convenient device for the journey she was taking around the facility. These days, she works in a different role at a different hospital, and has little need to use her PT around the workplace. Her children are growing up she wants to spend more time outdoors with them, so last week she changed her i180 for a Segway XT (the first-generation equivalent to the current x2 model). With the warm, sunny weather upon us, she’s really looking forward to having the mobility to get down to the beach with her family this summer.

Speaking of 2005, here’s our ‘postcard’ brochure we gave out during 2005-2006.



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