Fighter planes vs Segways: Tauranga Airshow staff on 7 PTs this weekend

Seven Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) will play a key role in enabling staff to manage the 20,000 people expected at this weekend’s Airshow in Tauranga.

A mixture of i2, x2 and Patroller models will transport staff from Watchdog Security and show volunteers around the event being held at Tauranga Airport and Aero Club. According to Watchdog’s Mat Olssen, “We simply couldn’t run this show without the Segway PTs.”

The Tauranga Airshow is held every two years, and the organisers have been hiring a fleet of Segway PTs for Event Management since its inception. Segway PTs enable key staff to travel quickly, directly and safely throughout the event – even amongst dense pedestrian traffic – as well as patrol the perimeter and respond to unexpected events more rapidly than on foot.


The 2014 Classics of the Sky Tauranga City Air Show is nearly here with an exciting day planned for the whole family…here are some of the highlights to look forward to:

Expect to see Spitfires, Kittyhawks, Mustangs, and a selection of single seater and dual seater jets … and with 2014 being the centenary of the outbreak of World War 1, aircraft from that vintage will be flying. We have been offered a list to select from which includes a Sopwith Tri-plane, up to 3 Fokker Tri Planes, a Fokker D.VII, a Bristol Fighter, a Phalz D.II, a Sopwith Camel and a Nieuport II (all subject to availability and suitable weather conditions).

The Royal New Zealand Air Force will be here, so too the Sports Aviation Association who will provide a fascinating display of the more unusual and also aerobatic aircraft together with a large static display. Other surprises are also in the pipeline including the car versus plane speed race which has captivated audiences at previous shows – but this time we’re going to introduce a new spectacular twist!

Military re-enactors also promise to create a fantastic spectacle giving rise to a crescendo of activity before the day is out.

Rides in all types of aircraft will be available before, during and after the show – including warbird fighters, sports machines and helicopters, so be sure to book your favourite plane for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

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