Segway Tours in Queenstown and Lake Tekapo

Segway Xtreme operate on the lakefront at Lake Tekapo. Tony Greenwood purchased this business last year from the original Upper Hutt-based owners (2008-2013), and relocated it to this beautiful setting. Fully mobile thanks to a professionally built and kitted out custom trailer that holds the fleet of six Segway PTs and associated gear, Segway Xtreme offers both short Fun Rides in the reserve between the town centre and the lakefront, as well as beautiful lakeside guided tours around as far as the picturesque Pine Beach.


Further down the South Island in Queenstown, Kevin Hey operates New Zealand’s largest Segway Tour business: Segway On Q.

Here is a photo of his folding ramp built into the rear of the larger of two customised vans. This Ford Transit has room for up to ten Segway PTs in the back, and up to eight customers in front.


This setup enables Segway on Q to collect riders from their hotels to bring them to the rider training area at the start of the tour, if necessary. This “door-to-door” service is one a number of innovations that makes Segway On Q’s business unique. With two vans he is able to run two separate tours simultaneously to meet demand on the busiest days.

With two million visitors per year and world renowned beauty, Queenstown is arguably New Zealand’s premier tourist town. Whilst best-known as the skiing and snowboarding destination most popular with Australian tourists, this “Adventure Capital of New Zealand” is busy all year round with tourists from every nation as well as domestic travellers. This is where AJ Hacket invented Bungi Jumping and where the Shotover Jet puts the NZ-invented “Hamilton Jet” jet boat technology to its most spectacular use.

With so many year-round activities, Queenstown actually hosts slightly more visitors during summer than winter. This makes Segway On Q a busy year-round operation, as there are fewer seasonal peaks than at other Segway Tour locations.

Segway On Q launched in 2006 with five Segway GT models, then added i2 models over the next few years. Eventually, the fleet grew to 10 Segway i2’s with just one or two GTs kept in reserve.

The two oldest i2 models in the fleet have travelled >24,000 kilometres (15,000 miles) and >21,000 kilometres (13,000 miles), respectively. Both machines still give good performance on their original batteries. In terms of maintenance the first machine has had its elastomers replaced previously, and do not yet need replacing again. For the second machine, we replaced both gearbox couplings during this visit (the elastomers had been replaced previously too).

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