New models: SegSolutions and SegCessories

When Segway, Inc. launched the new Segway i2 SE and x2 SE models last week they also released a new range of solutions and accessories tailored for Consumers, Businesses and Patrol. We call these SegSolutions and SegCessories.

SegSolutions are pre-selected packages of SegCessories designed to improve the utility of Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) used in popular, specific roles. The full range of SegCessories are also available individually so you can customise your Segway PT to your precise requirements.


For Consumers (Gliders, Commuters, Adventurers, Hunters):

i2 SE: $12,995 ($11,300+GST)

i2 SE Commuter: $13,495 ($11,735+GST)

i2 SE Commuter (with Power Pack): $13,795 ($11,995+GST)

– add genuine Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity Camouflage to above models for $500 ($435+GST)

x2 SE and x2 SE Turf: $13,995 ($12,170+GST)

x2 SE Commuter: $14,495 ($12,605+GST)

x2 SE Commuter (with Power Pack): $14,795 ($12,865+GST)

– add genuine Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity Camouflage to above models for $500 ($435+GST)

x2 SE Silent Hunter (with Breakup Infinity Camouflage and Cargo Cases): $15,695 ($13,645+GST)

x2 SE Silent Hunter (with Breakup Infinity Camouflage, Cargo Cases and Power Pack): $15,995 ($13,910+GST)

– for details about every Consumer package click this link.

i2 SE Solutions

For Businesses:

i2 SE: $11,295+GST

i2 SE Commercial Cargo: $12,495+GST

i2 SE Logistics (with Storage Bins): $12,095+GST

i2 SE Logistics (with Cargo Cases): $12,395+GST

i2 SE Logistics (with Storage Bins and Power Pack): $12,395+GST

i2 SE Logistics (with Cargo Cases and Power): $12,695+GST

x2 SE and x2 SE Turf: $11,995+GST

x2 SE Logistics (with Storage Bins): $12,995+GST

x2 SE Logistics (with Cargo Cases): $13,295+GST

x2 SE Logistics (with Storage Bins and Power Pack): $13,395+GST

x2 SE Logistics (with Cargo Cases and Power Pack): $13,695+GST

– for details about every Business package click this link.

x2 SE Solutions

For Patrol, Security and Public Safety:

i2 SE Patroller (Yellow or White Shields): $12,495+GST

x2 SE Patroller (Yellow or White Shields): $12,995+GST

– add a pair of Waterproof Cargo Cases to any Patroller for $495+GST

– for details about every Patroller model click this link.



Public safety roles for Segway PTs: Beach Hop, Balloons Over Waikato

This week Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) are being deployed in public safety roles at two large events in the upper-North Island. With Segway, Inc.’s release of new models earlier this week interest in how Segway PTs can be used in this role and across a wide variety of other applications is on the rise in New Zealand.

Balloons over the Waikato River flowing through Hamilton city.
Balloons over the Waikato River flowing through Hamilton city.

Balloons Over Waikato are using two Segway i2 Patroller models for event management, traffic control, security and rapid response at this five-day event based in and around Hamilton. 2014 is the fifth year that Segway New Zealand has supplied Segway PTs for use at this colourful event (see coverage of previous years here). The Segway Patrollers feature customised front shields displaying SECURITY, TRAFFIC, MANAGER and ASK ME signage – depending on the time and place they are being used.


Waikato Security Services are using their Segway i2 Patroller at the annual Whangamata Beach Hop – a celebration of 50’s and 60’s Americana, Rock’n’Roll, Hot Rods, Classic Cars and motorcycles.

The Beach Hop was first held in 2001, and rapidly grew to attract between 50,000 and 70,000 people every year. Sponsored by Sony, this year’s music highlight is Bill Hayley Jnr in concert.


The new Segway i2 SE Patroller and x2 SE Patroller models feature new and improved features including a redesigned LeanSteer Frame and centre console, integrated LED gliding lights, and a new range of SegCessories. The new SE range retains the wide, stable and comfortable platform as well as the proven reliability of previous i2 and x2 models.


New models: Segway launches new SE Personal Transporters

Segway, Inc. releases new models of Personal Transporters (PTs) today.

The Segway i2 SE and Segway x2 SE models bring new features and capabilities to consumers, business and public safety users. A new range of SegSolutions provide personalisation for every lifestyle and customisation packages for every role.

New SE models


New features of the SE range include:

  • built-in front and rear lighting for improved rider visibility
  • sleek low-profile electronics console and evolved foot panel for enhanced rider comfort and safety
  • easy to remove and attach LeanSteer Frame for quick transportation inside a vehicle
  • new SegSolutions packages and SegCessories options

Segway New Zealand announces that pricing for i2 SE ($12,995 including GST) and x2 SE ($13,995 including GST, fitted with either ATV or Turf tyres) models remains unchanged from the previous i2 and x2 models. We expect new SE models to be in stock from next week.

New package pricing for Commuters, Hunters, Logistics and Commercial Cargo users as well as pricing on all new accessories will be announced shortly. Look for a new POWER option that provides cargo storage with built-in LED lighting for situational awareness, plus a 12V supply for headlights and horn, plus twin USB ports for accessories, and a water bottle holder. Add rider-facing holders for a smartphone and tablet, waterproof cases, open top cargo bins, camouflage kits and a gun scabbard.

New SE model lineup

Christchurch Segway Tours remember earthquake

At 1pm on 22 February 2014, Graeme Gordon and a party of tourists on Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) rolled into Christchurch’s central Cathedral Square to observe one minute silence and show their respects to the 185 people killed during the February 2011 earthquake.

Christchurch Segway Tours: earthquake-damaged cathedral in the background.
Christchurch Segway Tours: earthquake-damaged Christchurch Cathedral is in the background.

Three years previously, the square and surrounding CBD took the brunt of a violent, magnitude 6.3 earthquake that caused so such structural damage to the city that almost every tall building has had to be demolished. Thousands of residential homes were condemned by this second quake that compounded damage caused by a magnitude 7.1 shock that hit the city six months earlier. A further large, damaging shock occurred in June 2011.

The economic and fiscal damage to Christchurch and to New Zealand as a whole has been significant. Treasury estimated the cost of the rebuild to be more than 10% of GDP  in December 2011 (for comparison, the cost of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan is estimated at 3% of GDP). Since then estimates for the rebuild have risen from $30 billion to $40 billion.

Christchurch Segway Tours has been operating since 2005, but the earthquake stopped tourism in its tracks. Not only were thousands of hotel beds lost in an instant, tourists arriving into the international airport were unwilling to stay in the city as aftershocks continued to shake the city for more than a year afterwards. Even today cruise liners are still unable to dock at the damaged port.

To combat these difficulties, Graeme Gordon came up with innovated ideas to attract tourists to take Segway Tours of the ‘Red Zone’ and surrounds. The New Zealand Herald rates Graeme’s tours very highly and USA Today recommends this as the best way to see the quake-damaged city.

Christchurch Segway Tours currently rates as the #5 Attraction in the city on TripAdvisor (

Christchurch is blooming!
Christchurch is blooming!

Reconstruction is now underway, and Christchurch has an incredible opportunity to recreate itself with a city constructed around brand new infrastructure. Planning for the new city will be able to integrate the very best concepts of modern urban planning. Confidence amongst ‘Cantabrians’ rises every day as the first new major buildings rise up, and domestic dwellings are repaired.

Christchurch's colourful Cathedral Square today
Christchurch’s colourful Cathedral Square today

Armourguard clocks up 25 km per day at The Base mall (Hamilton)

ADT Armourguard staff average around 25 km per day on their Segway i2 Patroller at The Base shopping mall in Hamilton.

When Armourguard began their security contract at this sprawling – and still rapidly expanding site – a year ago, the first thing they did was deploy a brand new Segway i2 Patroller to keep up with daily demands. By November, they’d hit 25 km per day of patrols (up from 19 km per day during the first few months), which is also the long-term average for the first year (~7,500 km in 12 months).


The previous security contractor – Waikato Security – used a Segway i2 Patroller on this site with great success between 2009 and 2013 at The Base. Guards clocked up 16,000 km over three years, or an average of more than 20 km per day.

Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) have been used in public safety roles throughout New Zealand since 2004, when Massey University (Palmerston North) was first to deploy staff on an e167 model. Many more universities followed, along with shopping malls and large worksites around the country. St John purchased a pair for i170s in 2005 to turn into “PT Ambulances” and these are often seen out and about amongst the busy crowds at large shows and events in the Northern region.

Here is our original, 4-sided A4 colour brochure aimed at the security and public safety sector in New Zealand, based around the then-new i180 Police/Security model from 2005. Local universities and St John both feature there-in:

Our 2005/6 security and public safety sector brochure (page 1 and page 4)
Our 2005/6 security and public safety sector brochure (page 1 and page 4)
Our 2005/6 security and public safety sector brochure (page 2 and page 3)
Our 2005/6 security and public safety sector brochure (page 2 and page 3)


PTs deliver pizza for Sal’s pizza-eating competition

Sal’s Pizza held their First Annual Pizza Eating Competition on Saturday, using Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) to deliver hot pizzas from their new Wynyard Quarter store in Jellico Street to a tent full of waiting mouths and a big crowd of on-lookers.

Annual Pizza Eating Contest

Sal’s launched their first store in Commerce Street in the Auckland CBD in 2009, and immediately began delivering pizzas using Segway PTs. They now operate 6 stores, including K’Rd, Takapuna, Parnell, Queen Street – with their first Hamilton opening tomorrow.

Segway a success at Otago Polytechnic

Last year Otago Polytechnic purchased a Segway Personal Transporter (PT) for use by Chris Morland, Director of School Success at the Institute of Sport and Adventure.

Six months later, Chris has deemed the Segway PT “a total success” with how it has boosted his job productivity.

“Originally, I’d calculated the payback period – in terms of value to Otago Polytechnic – to be less than a year, but in fact I can say today it has already paid for itself. When I was seeking funding from the budget and could show a likely 12 month payback period, there was no difficulty in obtaining the go-ahead because really, it was a ‘no-brainer’ on that basis. Obviously I am even more pleased it has proven its worth in only half the time initially predicted.”

Chris says he’d like to see more senior staff making the case to use Segway PTs for on-campus transport.


Segway Summer in Taupo

Segway at Taupo began in January 2007, and new owners purchased the business in 2012. The first thing they did was increase the size of their fleet, and in 2013 they began offering Segway Guided Tours in addition to Segway Fun Rides.

Segway Fun Rides have been one of the highest-profile activities on the shores of Lake Taupo for seven years now. Operating on a council reserve near the busiest part of town, and separated from the lakeside by State Highway One this highly visible ‘Segway Experience’ has been seen by millions of passers by, and enjoyed by tens of thousands.


Segway Tours operate in Spa Park, taking in sights of the mighty Waikato river and geothermal activity including steam and boiling mud. For more information see our recent profile about Segway at Taupo.


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