Segway a success at Otago Polytechnic

Last year Otago Polytechnic purchased a Segway Personal Transporter (PT) for use by Chris Morland, Director of School Success at the Institute of Sport and Adventure.

Six months later, Chris has deemed the Segway PT “a total success” with how it has boosted his job productivity.

“Originally, I’d calculated the payback period – in terms of value to Otago Polytechnic – to be less than a year, but in fact I can say today it has already paid for itself. When I was seeking funding from the budget and could show a likely 12 month payback period, there was no difficulty in obtaining the go-ahead because really, it was a ‘no-brainer’ on that basis. Obviously I am even more pleased it has proven its worth in only half the time initially predicted.”

Chris says he’d like to see more senior staff making the case to use Segway PTs for on-campus transport.


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