New models: Segway launches new SE Personal Transporters

Segway, Inc. releases new models of Personal Transporters (PTs) today.

The Segway i2 SE and Segway x2 SE models bring new features and capabilities to consumers, business and public safety users. A new range of SegSolutions provide personalisation for every lifestyle and customisation packages for every role.

New SE models


New features of the SE range include:

  • built-in front and rear lighting for improved rider visibility
  • sleek low-profile electronics console and evolved foot panel for enhanced rider comfort and safety
  • easy to remove and attach LeanSteer Frame for quick transportation inside a vehicle
  • new SegSolutions packages and SegCessories options

Segway New Zealand announces that pricing for i2 SE ($12,995 including GST) and x2 SE ($13,995 including GST, fitted with either ATV or Turf tyres) models remains unchanged from the previous i2 and x2 models. We expect new SE models to be in stock from next week.

New package pricing for Commuters, Hunters, Logistics and Commercial Cargo users as well as pricing on all new accessories will be announced shortly. Look for a new POWER option that provides cargo storage with built-in LED lighting for situational awareness, plus a 12V supply for headlights and horn, plus twin USB ports for accessories, and a water bottle holder. Add rider-facing holders for a smartphone and tablet, waterproof cases, open top cargo bins, camouflage kits and a gun scabbard.

New SE model lineup

One thought on “New models: Segway launches new SE Personal Transporters

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  1. Yahoo ! Finally a new model. The new safety features on the platform look great and I love the idea of the easy to detach lean steer that will make my life so much easier when I have to cart Segways in my car to events ! Not sure that I like the look of the new ‘suitcase’ looking front pack. But on the whole GREAT.

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