New models: Logistics solutions for businesses, warehouses, worksites

Time is money and the Segway PT saves your business both. Since 2004 New Zealand businesses have been rapid adopters of Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) to improve productivity. Why not think about how to put the Segway PT to work in your business?


On Segway PTs personnel are empowered to move more intelligently, bringing benefits to workplace efficiency. The carrying capacity of our Commercial Cargo solutions enable individuals to transport more equipment, tools and goods than they can carry on foot. From security guards in shopping malls to ‘pickers’ in warehouses, from inspections and deliveries to worksites (both indoors and out), there are Segway PT models that can be fitted out and individualised to suit your role.

Here are some long-established New Zealand examples where Segway PTs play mission-critical roles very day:

  • forestry worksites such as Able Tasman Forestry Services
  • factories like DB Breweries (Auckland) and Coca-Cola (Auckland)
  • warehouses like DME Medical Equipment (Auckland)
  • manufacturers like Prometal Industries (Christchurch)
  • commercial sites like Kutwell Fabrics (Christchurch)
  • shopping malls like The Base (Hamilton) and Sylvia Park (Auckland)
  • mail delivery at Auckland Hospital and Canterbury University
  • maintenance staff (along with all their tools) at institutions like Forest Hill School
  • senior management staff at Otago Polytechnic get to meetings on time, to all points around the campus
  • enterprises like Heart of the City get around the Auckland CBD
  • film and television production is more efficient at Wingnut Films and Broadcast Arts (Steadicam)
  • Kiwifruit orchards, dairy and sheep farms throughout New Zealand

The new Segway i2 SE and x2 SE models offer more options than ever before to expand the role of Segway PTs into more areas of your business.

Segway i2 SE Logistics configurations
Segway i2 SE Logistics configurations

The new i2 Logistics package offers the choice of waterproof side cases or open cargo bins. Mount a tablet or smartphone on the handlebar, facing the rider with all your Apps ready to use. Select the new POWER Front Case for flashing amber lights, horn, and twin powered USB ports to run or recharge accessories.

Manage people, facilites and supplies....and your mobility.
Manage people, facilites and supplies….now manage your mobility on a Segway PT

Segway PTs are reliable and robust. Across New Zealand there are Segway PTs first purchased in 2004 still working hard for their bosses every day. Contact Segway New Zealand today for an on-site demonstration of the ways the Segway PT can start work at your business.

Cargo solutions on previous models (left to right): e167 (2002-2006), i2 Commercial Cargo, x2, x2 Commercial Cargo (2007-2013)
Cargo solutions on previous models (left to right): e167 (2002-06), i2 Commercial Cargo, x2, x2 Commercial Cargo (2007-13)

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