A whole army of Segway PTs at the ready

The Nashville Business Journal reports today on how well Segway, Inc. is doing under new ownership.

The company recently launched new i2 SE and x2 SE model Personal Transporters (PTs), has a new three-wheeled device poised for release before June, and has plans to launch an array of additional products:

One year after Brentwood-based  Summit Strategic Investments acquired motorized scooter company Segway Inc., things are rolling right along as planned, according to Summit CEO Roger Brown.

At the time of the purchase, Brown said he expected to be able to “triple or quadruple the sales of this company with very little effort.”

Looking back last week on the first year, Brown said, “I can say that we have hit our budget or exceeded it.”

Before buying the company, Brown said, he didn’t fully realize the reach of Segway’s tours, which touch about 6 million people per year, what he called “a staggering number.”

“It’s just been unbelievable,” Brown said of the brand’s recognition and traction in the market place. Looking forward, the company wants to launch an array of additional products, including battery-powered scooters and bicycles.

The company remains based in Bedford, New Hamsphire, where the Segway PT was developed in secret at DEKA Research & Development Corporatio. Inventor Dean Kamen revealed the Segway PT to a curious world at the end of 2001 live on USA Today (a popular, nationwide morning television program). Sales to corporations began in mid-2002 and sales to consumers and businesses in March 2003.

Here’s a great photo of what can only be described as a whole army of the original Segway i167 model, all lined up and ready to ship to a waiting world.

An army of Segway i167s
An army of Segway i167s

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