Dean Kamen’s Slingshot aims to hit fresh water bullseye

A new documentary called “Slingshot” follows inventor Dean Karmen and his innovative approach to the planet’s water crisis. Karmen is most famous for inventing the Segway Personal Transporter.

Slingshot is the name of a portable water purification machine. It can be powered from Kamen’s other invention – a development of the Sterling cycle engine which generates electricity from any fuel or heat source (learn more about it in a previous article). Karmen’s goal with Slingshot is to build a system that can be easily implemented into small villages in undeveloped countries. The device will process highly contaminated water of any quality (or dirtiness) into pure, potable drinking water.

According to an interview at KSHB Kansas City, Kamen says: “About 50 percent of all human disease on this planet today is a result of water pathogens. Bad water is responsible for 2 million deaths per year and almost all of them are kids under 5 years old.”

Watch the 3 minute trailer here.

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