New models: Camouflage is the new black for Segway x2 SE

Camouflage is the new black.

But you can still get the new Segway x2 SE in the old black as well….

Segway x2 SE with Camouflage
Segway x2 SE with Camouflage


Both the new Segway x2 SE and the i2 SE models are available in camouflage. Using a sophisticated, laser robotics process, the patented Breakup Infinity pattern developed by US company Mossy Oak is applied to fenders, console and LeanSteer Frame.

We think this new camouflage pattern is going to be popular with anyone starting up a Segway Eco Tour, with rural recreational users, certain Patrol roles, and those just looking for something a bit different who want to stand out from the crowd (or to blend in, as the case may be).

Because the Segway x2 SE is specifically tuned to navigate off-road terrain including grass, gravel, sand and rocky trails, it is fun for everyone as well as being a way for those individuals who are less able to reach further and deeper into the natural environment with zero emissions and a very low impact on the surface (ground pressure is very much lighter per square centimetre than a foot or a tramping boot).

“These new PT SE models maintain Segway’s tradition of superior design in the personal transportation market,” said Mark Vena, Chief Marketing Officer, Segway Inc. “Combine the style of Mossy Oak’s Break-Up Infinity camo pattern with the improved utility of our new SegSolution offerings and Segway PTs will appeal to an even broader customer base.”

SegSolutions are accessory-based packages designed to Segway’s high standards for quality, safety and durability. The Segway x2 SE offers SegSolutions that appeal to outdoors enthusiasts:

  • Turf Solution – Low pressure tires glide gently over a wide variety of terrain and ensure a comfortable ride, yet still provide the traction needed to easily navigate hills and off-road landscapes.
  • Adventure Solution – The PT’s virtually silent motor and Break-Up Infinity camouflage allows nature lovers to discreetly explore. Its quick release storage system offers convenient loading/unloading of whatever you’d like to bring along on your adventure.
  • Silent Hunter Solution – This solution meets the sportsman’s need to discreetly plot a route to their hunting destination and features a quick-release storage system for easy loading/unloading and practically transports basic hunting equipment.

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