How to snap open the new Segway-manual-on-USB-key

In addition to the other technology improvements of the new Segway i2 SE and x2 SE models, the Reference Manual, Getting Started Guide and Safety Video now come on a USB key. You can copy the contents to devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops so you can always have this information with you.

These resources are also available online at

The USB key replaces the paper manuals and DVD that accompanied previous models.

To open the USB key for the first time, follow the instructions below.


Four wheels good, but two and three wheels better

The first US customers of Segway, Inc.’s new SE-3 Patroller are excited about receiving their machines next month. The Segway SE-3 Patroller is the perfect compliment to two-wheeled, self-balancing Segway i2 SE and x2 SE Patrollers already used daily across more than 1,500 sites worldwide.

The SE-3 Patroller conveys compelling benefits over existing 3- and 4-wheeled solutions, especially when only a single officer (plus gear) needs to get around in busy spaces.


Vehicles designed to carry one person in a standing position – such as the Segway i2 SE, x2 SE and SE-3 Patrollers – offer many advantages over using an old-fashioned “golf cart.” Golf carts are constructed to carry two, four or more persons, and can weigh upwards of half-a-tonne even when transporting just one person. An officer seated in a golf cart has a poor sight-line and cannot see over or beyond cars and pedestrians. Golf carts are poorly suited for indoor spaces, and take up a lot of room to move and turn. Many moving parts and high curb weight can make for complex and expensive maintenance.

Segway Patrollers on the other hand are lightweight, nimble, and very energy efficient both indoors and out. They provide a 20+cm height elevation over standing, a zero-radius turning (i2 SE and x2 SE) or minimal-radius turning (SE-3). Twin brushless DC motors and direct drive through proven Segway gearbox technology powers all Patrollers with minimum effort and high reliability.


Availability of the SE-3 Patroller in markets outside America may be some time away due to predicted high demand in the US. An evaluation unit of the SE-3 Patroller is expected in New Zealand during Q3 2014, and we’ll be demonstrating on a nationwide tour of security operators at universities, large factories and worksites, shopping malls and more. You can contact us now if you’d like to book an on-site demonstration.

And yes, when we arrive in Dunedin we will be riding the SE-3 up the world’s steepest street (Baldwin Street, up which we have also driven all models of Segway PT over the years).

Released just last month, the brand new i2 SE and x2 SE Patrollers are available to buy immediately. The new ‘SE’ range is an evolution of the highly regarded i2 and x2 models that have been used nationwide since the University of Canterbury deployed the first two Segway x2’s in a security role in New Zealand at the end of 2006. Today they can be found patrolling many more sites, such as DB Breweries in Manukau, Coca-Cola in Mt Wellington, Sylvia Park shopping centre, and The Base shopping centre in Hamilton.

Use of Segway Personal Transporters in the security sector has a long history in New Zealand. A decade ago the original, first-generation i167 model Segway PT began patrolling Massey University’s Palmerston North campus, and shortly after i170 and i180 ‘Police/Security’ models were deployed at Auckland University, AUT, and Massey’s Albany campus.

Three-wheeled SE-3 Patroller launched by Segway, Inc. in US today

Segway, Inc. launched the new SE-3 Patroller three-wheeled ‘Standup Electric Vehicle’ in the US market today.


Designed for police, security patrol and public safety sectors, this new vehicle is described as “…a natural extension of Segway’s Patroller product line — an ideal match for missions that require a larger vehicle, which displays a more visible and obvious security presence (even in a parked position without a rider aboard), or that require a rider to frequently mount and dismount the vehicle during a patrol.”


“Powered by multiple rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries that can be charged at any standard electrical outlet or swapped out for replacement batteries to allow for continuous use, the SE-3 Patroller also features independent direct rear wheel drive, travels in reverse and turns in a very tight radius.”

Like the popular i2 SE Patroller and x2 SE Patroller models of self-balancing, two-wheeled Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) already in use at more than 1,500 sites around the world, the new SE-3 Patroller has been very thoughtfully designed to meet the specific needs of officers. Emergency lights, a headlight, brake lighting, siren and lockable storage are built-in. The 11cm color display is sunlight-readable and provides the rider easy-to-understand operational data including speed, battery life and distance travelled. Video recording and live-broadcasting equipment can be added, as can a range of other devices via the accessory bar and powered electrical output ports.

Click here to find out more information about the SE-3 Patroller (this link takes you to Segway, Inc.’s website page about the SE-3 Patroller and the i2 SE and x2 SE Patrollers). The SE-3 Patroller may become available in New Zealand in the future.


Segway PT drives Tauranga Home Show this weekend

Bay Events owner Graeme Martin found the Segway Personal Transporter (PT) to be so useful for event management at his shows that he purchased his own in 2001.




The Tauranga Home Show is on today, Saturday and Sunday at the TECH Events Centre at Mount Maunganui.

Graeme uses his Segway i2 Patroller non-stop from dawn to dusk on the pre-show, build-up days while vendors are setting up their stands, as well as on “show days” to get around the large, indoor and outdoor events centre.

Graeme first began using Segway PTs in 2004 when Segway New Zealand began exhibiting at his shows such as The Boat Show and the Home Show (and now the Seriously Good Food Show). Some years there would be three or four Segway PTs in use by event staff at a time, as well as those on trade display. In addition to management, staff on PTs would do everything from directing traffic in the car parks to delivering hot coffee to exhibitors.

Here is our article about traffic management at the 2010 Tauranga Home Show.

Left: Graeme Martin directing traffic outside the 2014 Tauranga Home Show. Right: staff directing traffic at the 2010 Tauranga Home Show.
Left: Graeme Martin directing traffic outside the 2014 Tauranga Home Show. Right: staff directing traffic at the 2010 Tauranga Home Show.

Something new this way rolls

In addition to self-balancing Personal Transporters, Segway, Inc. has researched and developed a range of other advanced, innovative vehicles.

One of the most memorable is the Segway Centaur. Named after the mythical man-horse creature from Greek mythology, this is one idea that hasn’t yet been brought to market. Able to zoom along on four wheels at up to 40 km/h, it can also “rear up” on its hind legs (well, wheels) and self-balance like a Segway PT to navigate difficult terrain and execute on-the-spot, zero-radius turns. Intrigued? Watch the Centaur in action here.

Segway Centaur concept vehicle
Segway Centaur concept vehicle

In 2006 Philip Bendall was fortunate enough to ride one of just a handful of Centaurs that were built (albeit only behind closed doors, deep inside Segway HQ in Bedford, New Hampshire, USA). It was originally referred to by the name Project Mantis, inspired by how it looks when self-balancing up on two wheels.


Other innovative vehicles include the P.U.M.A – which evolved into the World Expo show-stealing General Motors EN-V – and some unusual robotic mobility platforms (RMPs), such as ARTI.

Last week a photo appeared on Segway, Inc.’s Facebook page together with the cryptic note “Something’s coming.”



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