Something new this way rolls

In addition to self-balancing Personal Transporters, Segway, Inc. has researched and developed a range of other advanced, innovative vehicles.

One of the most memorable is the Segway Centaur. Named after the mythical man-horse creature from Greek mythology, this is one idea that hasn’t yet been brought to market. Able to zoom along on four wheels at up to 40 km/h, it can also “rear up” on its hind legs (well, wheels) and self-balance like a Segway PT to navigate difficult terrain and execute on-the-spot, zero-radius turns. Intrigued? Watch the Centaur in action here.

Segway Centaur concept vehicle
Segway Centaur concept vehicle

In 2006 Philip Bendall was fortunate enough to ride one of just a handful of Centaurs that were built (albeit only behind closed doors, deep inside Segway HQ in Bedford, New Hampshire, USA). It was originally referred to by the name Project Mantis, inspired by how it looks when self-balancing up on two wheels.


Other innovative vehicles include the P.U.M.A – which evolved into the World Expo show-stealing General Motors EN-V – and some unusual robotic mobility platforms (RMPs), such as ARTI.

Last week a photo appeared on Segway, Inc.’s Facebook page together with the cryptic note “Something’s coming.”



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