More spec’s on the Segway SE-3 Patroller

The new Segway SE-3 Patroller is a natural extension of Segway’s Patroller product line. Because it is somewhat different to our well-known, self-balancing, two-wheeled i2 SE and x2 SE Patrollers, here are some common Question & Answers about the new SE-3:


Q: What are some reasons New Zealand security, Police, emergency response and public safety services may choose the three-wheel SE-3 Patroller over the traditional Personal Transporter (PT)?

A: Compared to the i2 SE and x2 SE Patrollers, the SE-3 Patroller is meant for those missions specifically requiring a larger vehicle, a more obvious security presence without a rider aboard, or where an officer must frequently mount and dismount the vehicle.


Q: What is the maximum speed, and can it be limited like the Segway PT?

A: The default maximum speed is 24 km/h. It can also be limited to 12, 16, or 20 kn/h. Extensive interviews with public safety officers confirmed there is no reason to travel faster than 24 km/h on the SE-3 Patroller — and most would want to set it lower.

Q: Is the speed intelligently throttled going up/down slopes like the Segway PT, and is there regenerative braking?

A: No, speed is not governed on inclines. Unlike on the Segway PT the brushless DC motors do not contribute to braking, so there is no regenerative braking.

Q: Is there a turning radius change at higher speeds or is it mechanical turning?

A: The SE-3 Patroller features mechanical turning, however, there is anti-rollover technology that reduces motor torque when the vehicle is turning quickly.

Q: Is there any suspension?

A: There is no traditional suspension, but the SE-3 Patroller has a large, low-pressure front tire and a cushioned comfort mat on the riding platform.

Q: If a rider gets off the unit, does it automatically turn off?

A: No, but the throttle is disabled if no rider is present.


Q: What is the battery range of the SE-3 Patroller, and what impact will accessories have on the batteries?

Range is dependent on many factors including terrain, riding style, payload and tyre pressure. With both hot-swappable batteries and “charge anywhere” technology that allows you to top-off at any standard outlet, range can be extended indefinitely. While many accessories may be powered through the 12V power outlet by the SE-3’s batteries, the effect on range depends upon the accessory and how it is used.

Q: What’s the process to swap out the battery module and how long does it take?

To change the battery module, simply flip 2 latches and slide it out. Slide in a fully charged battery module and secure the latches. The whole process takes less than a minute. The SE-3 Patroller uses one battery module which consists of two 24V Lithium battery packs (unlike the Segway PT, which uses two separate 72V Lithium battery packs).


Q: What type of key does the SE-3 use?

A: Unlike the Segway PT and its InfoKey, the SE-3 Patroller uses a standard metal key.

Q: Is there a yelp or siren sound?

A: Yes, there is a chirp and siren.

Q: Does the SE-3 have a driving light?

A: Yes, there is a high intensity forward-facing LED light.

Q: Any plans for a consumer version?

A: At this time, there are no plans for a consumer version of the SE-3 Patroller.



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