On the farm with a new Segway x2 SE

The first Segway x2 SE has been delivered to a farmer in rural Auckland.

The owner uses it to get about on her large property, where she farms dairy cows and horses.


Segway Personal Transporters (PT) are a safer alternative to quad bikes for personal transport around farms and rural lifestyle blocks.

With little risk of rollover injury, the agile and capable Segway x2 SE can carry a rider plus cargo across typical New Zealand rural property. Cargo options include a front case on the handlebar and twin pannier cargo cases.

While nothing beats a quad bike when you need to carry a bale of hay, some fence posts and the cattle dog, if all you need to do is move yourself (and perhaps a dozen kilograms or two of gear) from here to there then the Segway x2 is a great option. Almost silent as it moves, and able to turn on the spot as it transverses grass, mud, and snow with ease, the Segway x2 can climb hills as steep as Baldwin Street (the world’s steepest street).

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